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Fangirling: I made an awesome, awesome find last week - a translation of the original "Twelve Kingdoms" novels! I'm sure I've mentioned the anime, the first box set of which I got for Christmas, and its book-like quality. I had suspected it was based on a book when I first saw it, but I never held out much hope for finding a copy of it in English. But, now I have, so... *much jumping for joy and squealing ensues*. And, it is, in fact, a series of books. The translation only seems to be up to book 2, which I'm now reading, but perhaps they will continue to the other books in time.

[Edit 2011] The first four books have been officially released in English from Tokyopop. There are presently no plans for the release of the remaining two.

In other news, vaguely related by the fact that it was where I first saw "The Twelve Kingdoms" anime, [ profile] seekersks is talking Otakon again already. August seems like ages away, but it would be nice to have things all set early. And, to get a hotel a bit closer to the convention center.

Fanfiction: And, recently, a little fanfic idea I'd been toying with has come back with a vengeance. I think I once before posted a snippet from my SWAT Kat idea "The System is Breaking Down". Well, here's another snippet. )
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Webpage Updates: I've finally gotten some major work done on Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery in the last few days.

Firstly, the actual content stuff:

- Two new guest pics from Jennifer Munoz.
- Posted two more of the drabbles I've done (which have already been posted here)
- Put up a section for the icons I've been making
- Put up my Christmas image and colors

And, everything else:

- Finally have around 50-60% of the site set up to use style sheets, so that, in the future, I won't have to change the color programming on every. single. html. file. again. I tried style sheets the last time I did a major update, and they didn't work. This time, I figured out what I was doing wrong. Predictably, it was something painfully simple.
- I'm working on a version of my main SWAT Kat image gallery that will use image thumbnails.
- A huge chunk of the contents of the main gallery is slated to be sent to the Archive page. I'll probably be cleaning out the Original Characters, RPG and Fanfiction sections as well. Some images will be archived, others will just be removed. A rare few may be re-done.
- I intend to finally get the "What's a SWAT Kat?" and "Poems" sections redone to match the rest of the webpage.

And, I think that's it. Any and all suggestions welcomed.

Personal Chatter: Christmas was good, not without some down moments, but good. For the curious, I now finally have a copy of the Inuyasha Artbook in English (Yes, Seeker, I loved the Japanese copy you got me; I just couldn't read it ), lots of new music to listen to, new winter boots, plenty of reading material and the first set of "The Twelve Kingdoms" DVDs! And, let's not forgot a ton of remaining holiday goodies to munch on.
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I was supposed to write the rest of my Otakon comments nearly two weeks ago! But, I woke up on Sunday morning in Baltimore with the makings of a nasty cold, and it just got worse for most of that week. So, I wasn't really in a typing mood. (In fact, I wasn't in the mood to do much of anything but sleep.)

But, I'm better now and would just like to reiterate that Otakon was awesome! All further con squealing behind the cut!

Read more... )

Website Updates:

And, in more recent news, the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive has been updated! 9 new fics and 4 new authors this time out. Whoo! Boomerang needs to put SK up in their line-up more often. It really seems to boost the numbers of fanworks out there.

The SWAT Kats Fan Art Archive is also looking at an update soon. I've got several entries and have done most of the coding and uploading for the new submissions. And, Sage is juuuust about done with our new layout.

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