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So, I've been in a watching mood lately and bouncing between following new anime Chronos Ruler while catching up on My Hero Academia and Voltron: Legendary Defender.

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So, I've now watched the first, triple length episode and the second regular episode of the new "Voltron" series from Dreamworks and Netflix. Thus far, I'm absolutely loving it! The characters are fantastic, and I love that we're getting to see them meet and bond as a team this time. And, I love that the staff chose to keep in the old sequence where the pilots first zipline then ride in small vehicles to board their lions. It's a little long. It's a bit impractical. But, you know what? It looks cool. All these years later, it still looks cool. As does the forming Voltron sequence. Naturally. And, just like boarding the lions, the staff kept it. Every time. The full sequence. And, it still makes me want to jump up and cheer.
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So, thanks to MoDaD from the SWAT Kats Encyclopedia, the SK Fanfic Archive is back up and running and even updated! MoDaD, you are seriously awesome. Again, thank you so much.

And, in other happy news, there's a remake of my childhood favorite "Voltron" coming to Netflix in June, and it looks amazing. Seriously, this trailer has me really excited. The character designs are nicely updated but recognizable, Voltron looks great, and the snappy dialogue is fun. It helps that, when I last saw "Voltron" as an adult, I found the original dialogue more than a little painful, so an update there is most welcome. I'm really looking forward to this!

...Although, am I the only one who thinks Pidge says he's been, "scanning the system and picking up alien Radio Shack"?
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Well, another birthday has come and gone (a couple weeks ago; I'm late as always), and I think [ profile] mbimomma gets the "most unexpected gift" award. She found me a Voltron T-shirt. I never even had a Voltron T-shirt when I was little! So, I've decided to show off my new shirt... and all of my old Voltron stuff that I could find. Behold! I'm still miffed that I couldn't find my Keith figure. He was my favorite back in the day too! Figures. And, here's a closer look at the coloring book, activity book, storybook and figures. It's a little dark, but the flash kept bouncing off Voltron.

And, as a bonus, while rooting around in my old toybox that doubles as a time capsule of the 80's, I found my Rubik's cube. But, I still can't solve it.
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Back from Otakon and finally doing my proper con review. Argh! I didn't mean to wait over a week! Anyways, this year was a little different with the con mixed in with some sightseeing with Mom. I'd been wanting to see some more of Baltimore for years but had never had anyone who wanted to go with me. So, it was nice to finally get out and about even more than last year. Though it was a little hard to balance con events around tours and such. Still, it was fun. And, the con itself was awesome. So, the breakdown behind the cut:
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And, for more con pictures (plus random commentary), see [ profile] seekersks LJ.

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