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Real life hasn't been fun lately, but at least there's been some fannish goodness going on.

For starters, the birthday happened, and I received this wondermous collection of Kazue Kato's color art. Finally a full-size artbook from one of my favorite manga artists! And, naturally, it's mostly Ao no/Blue Exorcis" material with some gorgeous color spreads from her older "Robo to Usakichi" series too. It's provided many an art squee. And, made me wish more than ever that I could find more than the first chapter of "Robo" translated. The opening is really interesting, and I absolutely must know how a robot child grows into a teenager. Especially when he's apparently a special design and his creator is dead.

Also, his technology-ness, my brother, got me a blu-ray player at last, which has facilitated more forays into the world of Godzilla movies. But, I'll jabber more about them in a later post.

Somewhere in the midst of it all, I got a Twitter account, mostly to follow the updates in the SWAT Kat fandom. Though I am cross-posting any announcements/links to fannish posts - new fic and art, website updates - there too. And, because my Twitter account needed a pretty fall banner, I updated my fall image with bonus TurboKat.

Lastly, things are happening in Ao no/Blue Exorcist!
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I really wanted to write something for FMA Day/October 3, but life has been a little wacky lately. Still, here's a tiny, rough drabble.

Restoration (Fullmetal Alchemist) )
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I've been trying to kick out a short something every year for SWAT Kats around the time the series first aired. Sort of an unofficial "SWAT Kat Day". This year's entry got a little long-winded.

Discovery (SWAT Kats) )
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It's been forever, but, yes, the SWAT Kats Fan Art Page has been updated too! There's five new pieces from new artist, Cody.

Also, in other SWAT Kat-related chatter, I finally made a little display spot for my SK merchandise. It's a nice little corner where the sun can't reach that I recently cleaned out. And, there's also this alternate showing off the poster I bought ages and ages ago off Ebay. I still don't have a good, safe display spot for it. I need more wall.
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So, yes, the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive has seen another update! There's a new chapter for E.R. Fulner’s ongoing “SWAT Kratts” and two new stories from new author Eric “Erico” Lawson, one of which is complete! Lots of reading material there.

And, making this post while enjoying a nice dose of nostalgia after I found a CD single of Geoff Moore and the Distance's "Home Run" while cleaning this weekend. Takes me right back to the time I got to hear the group and that same song in person at a concert in 1990-something.
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Yet another of "Ed's Rules". You knew he had to get to defenestration eventually.

Rule 10 (Fullmetal Alchemist) )
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So, the bunnies wanted to play some more in that "Pacific Rim" fusionverse. Particularly the FMA end of it.

Disability (Fullmetal Alchemist/Pacific Rim) )
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Well, Otakon time has come and gone, and it was absolutely weird not to be there. Seek and I decided not to go this year as it was the convention's first year in Washington, and we expected there would be some bugs to be worked out. Although, reading about it, the biggest problem I'm seeing is long lines for bag checks. Ugh. Not sure how to avoid that. At the bare minimum, I feel like I need a bottle of water, sunscreen, and an umbrella. Even with the wonderful seven pocket jeans Seek found me, I don't think I can pocket all that. There's also the matter of increased fees everywhere. Though we have half-seriously discussed staying in our usual (cheap) Baltimore hotel and getting a ride into Washington every morning. Eh, details to be considered for next year.

I did make con-ish purchases though. The entirety of Ao no/Blue Exorcist's "Kyoto Saga" has been pre-ordered because I've been saving my money since the series was announced. I really, really love the Kyoto/Impure King Arc.

And, more seriously, it's been a good thing that we didn't have Otakon locked in for this year since Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer in the last couple weeks. She starts treatments soon, and everyone's optimistic and praying hard for a good outcome. Still, if I'm not around or slow to reply for the next few months, that will be why.
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And, yes, the SWAT Kats Fanfic Archive has been updated again! On a semi-regular schedule! We've got the start of a new crossover story by new author E.R. Fulner and a new chapter for Sage's ongoing "Mayday".
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So, I've been in a watching mood lately and bouncing between following new anime Chronos Ruler while catching up on My Hero Academia and Voltron: Legendary Defender.

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I read two of these months to over a year ago. But, the last one is new and reminded me that I should post some recommendations again.

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So, yes, it's a tiny update with a new oneshot from Tom Wilder and a new drabble (well, it's the last one I posted here) of mine. But, the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive has been updated!
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Yet another SWAT Kat drabble inspired by re-watching the series.

Campaign (SWAT Kats) )
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So, I finally finished the 90's Gamera trilogy. And, you know what? It was really good.

No, I'm not kidding. It's well-made, the special effects by and large hold up, heroines Nagamine and Asagi as well as poor luckless Osako are engaging, and it's generally like watching a good sci-fi/fantasy anime. Because I can't not think anime when Gamera goes all shounen Determinator toward the end of the third movie, blasts off his own hand to free himself, and then absorbs his opponent's attack to make a new hand out of fire. And, all that rather than use the hand in which he was holding a rescued girl who hated him and who had caused much of the movie's trouble.

So, yeah, I've been pulled down the kaiju rabbit hole. Honestly, "Pacific Rim" probably started it. From there, it was off to the adorable "Gamera the Brave" then the excellent trilogy, and then... Well, yes, I did take a peek at the first three of the 60's Gamera movies. Because the entire original run came on the same bargain basement set as the 90's movies, and I figured, why not? The three older entries I watched can't compare to the later movies, but I found "Gamera vs. Gyaos" to be pretty fun in its way.

Anyway, I'm all outta Gamera now*, so, there's only one place to go from here. Godzilla. And, Amazon with their $5 add-on DVD's has been merrily enabling me. I figure I'll eventually work my way through the 80's/90's Heisei series and some of the 2000's standalone movies, and then come back and gabble some more.

...No, none of this has given me a fanfic bug, so you can stop worrying. This is a fandom like the MCU, which I love, but only occasionally gabble about because, for whatever reason, it doesn't demand art and fic from me.

(* Unless the proposed new movie happens. Warning: trailer includes some violent/unpleasant imagery.)
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Another small entry for my "Ed's Rules" series. The theme/prompt for this one was suggested some time ago by [personal profile] jordannamorgan.

Rule #18 (Fullmetal Alchemist) )
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So, shortly after watching "Pacific Rim", I had these crossover ideas occur to me. They started with the below contrasting summaries. I was able to write the first idea easily, but the second got stuck. Then, inspiration struck tonight, and here's the set.

Of all the pilot pairings in the Jaeger Program, there had never been a pair of brothers more likely to sync perfectly. (FMA) )


Of all the pilot pairings in the Jaeger Program, there had never been a pair of brothers less likely to sync at all. (AnE) )
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So, yes, the SWAT Kat Fanfic Archive has been updated! There are two new chapters of existing stories, and a couple new stories too. It's nice to see the Archive getting more attention lately.

And, I know things are starting to seem all-SWAT Kat, all the time around here, but I do have work for other fandoms going on in the background. In particular, my multi-chapter Ao no/Blue Exorcist project, "Split", which has some previews up on [ profile] mindtwins.
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So, I paid [ profile] mintysage a visit and was finally able to collect THIS.

...Excuse me. I need to go make teakettle squealing noises again.

It's probably a good thing this didn't happen when I was younger. I might've exploded. ...I still might.

Also, I'm kicking myself for not wearing my SWAT Kat T-shirt. No one mentioned photos!

Again, many thanks to everyone - MoDaD, the Tremblay Brothers, Sage!
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This was inspired by a comment made during mine and [ profile] mintysage's SWAT Kat re-watch as we noted that the PastMaster emerges from his sealed casket and already knows precisely 800 years have passed.

Time (SWAT Kats) )
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I'd been meaning to do this ever since my epic marathon re-watch of SWAT Kats with [ profile] mintysage. These are the things I learned or re-learned about SWAT Kats (and similar series) while watching:

- Much of the series is one giant tribute to 50's/60's sci-fi movies. And, that is awesome.

- MegaKat City was used to weird long before the series started. Sorcerers, four-eyed mutants, and lampreys large enough to duel Godzilla are no big surprise to anyone.

- In fact, the SK world is possibly a Death World with everything trying to kill its inhabitants given that the subway cars appear to be armored, the biochemical labs have permanent gun emplacements out front, nuclear reactors are guarded by small private armies, and even cars from the space center have guns in the back. And, all of this is completely necessary and, in fact, usually not enough.

- All civilian she-kats know Blunt Object Judo. Given they live in a Death World, being able to use anything as a weapon is only sensible.

- Mutation invariably leads to megalomania or heroics.

- You know any scientist going on about, "THOSE FOOLS!" is bad news.

- For that matter, calling people, "Fools!" is a sure sign of evil in general. Note how being evil caused the Dark SWAT Kats to pick up the habit.

- Every series/movie that introduces a cute robot is apparently contractually obligated to destroy it. *sobs* Why?! Cybertron, Johnny Five, the Iron Giant, what did they ever do to you people?!

And, some additional gabble:

- There is some seriously amazing animation in SK. Particularly in the test flight sequence from "Night of the Dark Kat" and the entirety of "The Deadly Pyramid" and "Unlikely Alloys".

- The two Enforcers who find the PastMaster and his undead minions at the opening of "The PastMaster Always Rings Twice" are surprisingly witty, tossing off a one-liners like, "You have the right to remain buried," and actually looking cool doing it. Did the Enforcers become identical drones in later episodes to make their deaths more palatable? (Goodness knows episodes like "The Ci-Kat-A" certainly imply that they killed off quite a few.)

- I'm pretty sure half of the extras with speaking parts are Charlie Adler and the other half are Jim Cummings. And, I approve this.

- Razor's "Mondo mummies from Ragsville" comment is epically 90's. Which means I love it.

- The world needs more giant mummies wielding laser guns.

- Any "return of Zed" storyline really, really needs to be titled "The Heart of Zed".

Now I'm going to go poke at some of the fanfic ideas this has given me. Possibly including "The Heart of Zed", but don't hold me to that one.

Oh, and, speaking of which, the SK Fanfic Archive saw a tiny update on April 25 with the start of a new story by new author LadyDaisys.

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