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Wow... It's hard for me to believe that Inuyasha (the manga) has really ended. I don't think I've ever followed anything that managed to last so long. And, I missed the first several years of Inuyasha's run. I just came in in 2001 and had to catch up. Still, it's been a great ride, and I'll miss my weekly Inuyasha fix. Anyways, comments on the finale will be behind the cut. First, in honor of the end of Inuyasha, an Inuyasha sketch post:

Catch - Inuyasha catches Kagome as she trips. Edit: I made some changes to this one and reposted a corrected copy.

Smile - I think this was originally supposed to be another sketch based on "After the Bone Eater's Well" of Six, one of Inuyasha's clones. After all, how often does Inuyasha smile like that? Still, it's cute.

Grip - Inuyasha in modern dress catches himself after being blasted back.

Delivery - From an idea that might eventually become an AU fanfic. Miroku and Sango encounter some trouble while trying to return a lost sword. I like the style I used here, but I can't quite seem to get Sango right.

First, the things that disappointed me a bit:

- Probably my biggest disappointment toward the end of Inuyasha was Miroku and Sango's roles in the final battle. I felt as though they failed in their individual battles against Naraku and had to be bailed out by others. Sango particularly. Admittedly, she was presented with the hardest challenge, one that required her to sacrifice an innocent rather than her own life.

- The final battle as a whole seemed rather lackluster. Perhaps re-reading it now that I'm not getting it in little pieces each week will change my opinion. But, I suspect the big failing was just that I'd spent seven years building it up in my mind, reading hundreds of fanfic interpretations of it, imagining the real final battle would be something unique and mind-blowing... It's hard for anything to live up to that kind of expectation.

- No Kouga. I was really hoping Kouga would get to help in the final battle or at least get a cameo in the last chapter. No such luck. Ah well. He survived the series, and he left the storyline on a good note, I suppose.

- I was a little saddened to see Rin had been left with Kaede. But, it seems like Sesshoumaru visits regularly, so I guess it's okay.

And now, the really awesome things about the end:

- Just when I thought everything would be roses, Takahashi managed to scare me a little bit there right at the end. It was a nice touch.

- Kouga might have missed the final battle, but I was happy to see Shippou, Jaken and Kohaku, who had been left behind, come in to help toward the end.

- Kohaku lives! Miroku lives! I knew it! I love you, Takahashi! You rule for not disappointing me!

- Except for Kouga, all of the series' regulars get nice cameos in the last chapter. Kohaku's was particularly hilarious. Methinks someone's on the run from babysitting.

- The end was loaded with lots of other nice details to fill in what everyone is doing with themselves now that they have the chance to live normal lives.

- The shot of Miroku and Sango's twin girls climbing on Inuyasha is adorable.

- Inuyasha literally dumping the kids off on Shippou is hilarious.

- Inuyasha doesn't end with a big wedding for Inuyasha and Kagome. I wasn't expecting one, and I didn't really need one. But, Takahashi's little hints - like Kagome calling Sesshoumaru "Oniisan" - were cute. Okay, that scene was cute anyways just thanks to the looks it got her from Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru.

Overall, I was really happy with how Inuyasha ended. I was sad to see it end, but the final chapter made me squeal with happiness all the same.

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