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So, chapter 58 of "Blue Exorcist" finally arrived, and, regarding Rin and the zombies, I would just like to say: I called it!.

And, since I haven't actually spoken about the ongoing manga in ages, here's a smattering of impressions under the cut:

The kids have been getting some practical training! I wish we'd seen some glimpses of it earlier, but it's nice to see now. Rin, especially, seems to have finally been building on what he accomplished in Kyoto, and it makes me squee.

Next, I love Shiemi. She's the first shy, socially clueless girl I've ever seen in an anime/manga who actually made me think, "Yes! I know just how that feels!" Because she's not the standard quiet, lonely girl who sits apart, staring moodily into the distance. In fact, once she finds an opening, she's downright chatty... in an awkward, almost desperate way I remember all too well. She wants friends, and she's trying, but she has no idea how to go about it. Or that some of her habits are seen as really weird. She is Mini-Me, and I love her for that. I also love the steady growth her character has undergone. It's awesome to see her becoming a confident, competent exorcist while retaining her kind and quirky personality.

And then, the elephant in the room: Shima. I want... I really, really want him to be a double agent whose true loyalties lie with the good guys. I want there to be a huge, tense confrontation where he lays out all his frustrations with his family's expectations ... and then sheepishly rubs the back of his head and says something like, "But, being a traitor is too much trouble, and, after all, girls like heroes, right?" I want this so bad. (Wish!fic might come of this.) I don't want to see his defection hurt Rin or his old friends, Bon and Konekomaru. And, besides, I think driving everyone to a certainty that Shima is a villain and then turning it around would be an epic plot twist. But, that said, even I have to admit the evidence against Shima is rising. ...Except why did he give Izumo back the fox doll that Takara used to track her? Why did he insist on being the one to re-capture her? Why was he looking so uncomfortable when she pointed out that the Illuminati experiment will kill her? Hmm...

Lastly, the new (ish) villain, Lucifer. I don't like him. I mean, I never like villains, but I don't think he's good as a villain. I'm enjoying the story arc he's kicked off... Except Toudo actually kicked it off, and he's far more interesting, if wholly creepy. Thus far, Lucifer has been nothing but a source of cliche philoso-babble. But, Kato rarely plays any of the usual tropes fully straight, so, I remain optimistic.

Oh, and to place another guess - I'm guessing this arc will finally be Yukio's breaking point, for good or bad.

Date: 2014-07-21 12:46 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jordannamorgan
Is Shiemi the blonde girl who wears pink?

(I'm curious because I still have a "Blue Exorcist" bracelet with a character matching that description. Along with some kind of green frog-bear critter, and a fiery-haired character that I *think* is female.)

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