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So, Ao no/Blue Exorcist's Kyoto Arc was amazing. All the way through. And, even though I'm a bit sad that the inclusion of the Rin and Yukio dialogue from the Kraken Arc likely means we'll never see that animated, it was at least expertly done and flowed naturally off the Kyoto events. Though I hope they find a way to work Shiemi's awesome moments in somewhere else in the future. With Rin and Yukio covered, her role is the only real loss with the Kraken Arc.

At any rate, the amazingness of the animated Kyoto Arc inspired icons:

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The animated Kyoto/Impure King Arc has started, and it's amazing! Okay, so it's a slow start, but it's nice to see that, with only twelve episodes, they're not rushing. Episode 2 was nothing but character establishment and development, and it gave me all the feels. Special love for the hilarity of Rin's drunken conversation with a panicked Shima.

Also, I can't help wondering if even the official subtitlers are making jokes about how Takara is always just there without contributing anything. (At least, not until much later anyway.) Because when Shura divides the kids up in episode 2, she clearly says his name... but it's not in the subtitles. I laughed at that probably more than I should have.

Simultaneously, the manga has been dropping bombshell after bombshell about the Order's past activities and the origins of the demon kings... while dropping only hints toward the answers we're all waiting for regarding the Okumura twins' birth. Evil, clever Kato.

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And, all the AnE joy lately has inspired icons:

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I've been playing with these for a while and finally have a full set. So, here are some Ao no/Blue Exorcist icons showing off the main cast and their exorcist titles.

And, a few alternates:

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It snowed! And, it was glorious. Hot chocolate and wondermous homemade tomato soup were consumed, blankets were snuggled into, and not much got done.

But, having finally gotten some entries, I did update the SWAT Kat Fanfiction Archive with one new oneshot and the first two chapters of a new ongoing story.

Also, in the spirit of snowy days, I made two snow-themed Ao no/Blue Exorcist icons using the latest color manga image:

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I've been trying to finish my set of icons with the Ao no/Blue Exorcist characters as animals, but, having hit a roadblock with those, I did some Shiro icons instead. Because there always needs to be more Shiro.

The final icon uses textures from [community profile] wolfbane_icons' St. Augustine set.
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Well, I finally got some inspiration to do something creative again. So, here's a little group of Ao no/Blue Exorcist icons.

The first two images are from the OST CD covers. The rest are original artwork from the creator, Kazue Kato. Yes, even the last two, which are from some little sketches she did of the cast as animals. Yukio (whose name means "snow man", I believe) as an abominable snowman/yeti was actually what started me. He makes such an adorable little "bumble".

And, yes, I mean to get around to doing the girls and the Kyoto Trio as animals eventually.

AnE Icons

Jun. 21st, 2012 12:44 pm
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I keep forgetting about these. A week or so ago, I was in an icon mood and made some more Blue Exorcist/AnE icons since I can't ever seem to find any I like. These all come from one of the creator, Kazue Kato's, gorgeous color spreads (the one prefacing chapter 24, if you were curious).

My four favorite characters looking nice... plus one bonus, angsty Yukio image considering his situation in the most recent manga chapters.
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I've made several icons lately, so I thought I'd post them. Part of them are FMA icons I made for contests on [ profile] fmadesignawards and some are FMA and AnE icons I made for myself.

FMA:B and AnE icons behind the cut )

I realize now that I've made one oversight: I desperately need an icon of Father Fujimoto! For that matter, I don't have any Hughes icons in my current list. This must be corrected. I might even need to create a combination Hughes and Father Fujimoto icon, seeing as they're two of my favorite anime fathers.
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I've been hunting for new icons for my LJ, and it inspired me to work on a few of my own. So, here's a few SK icons:

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Sage recently reminded me of one of my favorite, utterly random moments from Bleach. So, as I found it hysterically funny, here's an icon of Ichigo being a pyromaniac:

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Project Updates: Slowly but surely beating away at things. The Archive update keeps getting pushed back as submissions have cropped up as soon as I thought I had it aaalmost ready. I guess I'm just going to have to declare a cut-off or maybe do a two-part update.

Art: And, in other news, the [ profile] mskac has managed to get me completing pictures again. Here's my entry for the month of June. And, since submitting, I've been working on a new version with some tweaks. Not sure if it's going to be my final or not. I wanted some frills, but I think it's looking too busy now.

Icons: Just a few more Titan AE icons along with a couple Feral icons I was meaning to submit to the [ profile] swat_kats community.

Icons Here! )
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Project Updates: Proof that I'm working in slow motion. I fiiiinally managed to color this little sketch of Shippou that I did last year. I used it to toy around with coloring techniques in Photoshop, which seems to be all that I'm doing lately. But, at least it's something!

Icons: And, while listening to some tracks from the Titan AE soundtrack the other night, I got it into my head that I wanted some Titan icons. So, I scurried off and did some searches. I didn't turn up a lot in the way of icons, but I did manage to download one of the movie's original trailers. It made me want to make icons. And thus, I did so. Not at all what I should have been doing tonight (like the SK Archive update or some Feral icons), but it was fun.

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Website Updates: The SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive is updated! Just a little update this time out. New chapters for two ongoing fics and one new fic.

Also, finally finished and posted my little collection of Chance/T-Bone icons to the [ profile] swat_kats community.

Personal Chatter: And, I got my (belated, but I have no room to talk) Christmas present from [ profile] mbimomma today! I got the essentials of life - sugar and chocolate - in the form of Peeps and a humongous Hershey bar as well as a spiffy Inuyasha calendar and the first two volumes of Bleach! *happyhappydance!*
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Website Updates: Both the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive and the SWAT Kat Fan Art Archive are updated! Both are small updates, but updates nonetheless. [ profile] mbimomma and I still have some programming from the incredibly awesome [ profile] modad to update on the fan art page, but some artists submitted their work ages ago and, as Sage was tied up, I went ahead and got the art at least posted.

I've also updated my Inuyasha site, Gone to the Dogs, with some new sketches (all previously posted here) and some icons. I couldn't find any icons of Sango and Kirara (though they may be out there), so I made some of my own.
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...So, I made one.

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Project Updates: Well, I sat down this morning with [ profile] darth_snuggles's icon tutorial and made SWAT Kat icons!

And, I managed to knock out two of the requested short fics. Wouldn't you know neither is "a line or two". Actually, both are even longer than a drabble. Nyar. I just can't be brief.

Anyway, first up is [ profile] ash_the_woof's request for something with Chance and Jake and maybe a Halloween theme:

Disguised (SWAT Kats) )

And, for [ profile] a_chan007, one of her suggestions was Inuyasha and Shippou. So, here goes:

Siblings (Inuyasha) )

So, there. I feel productive and stuff. ...Except I have three short fics to go and the SKFFA needs an update again... Ah well.

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