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So, I was working on something for [community profile] fandom_stocking, and it led me back to one of my own, half-completed drabbles. Because this entry to my Bleach crossover series absolutely had to be made.

Sinner (Ao no/Blue Exorcist/Bleach Crossover) )
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Another drabble for my Bleach crossover collection. I do hope to get an over-arching plot going eventually. But, for now, it's another "____ in Soul Society" entry.

Recruiter - Bleach Crossover )
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Another entry in my "Everything Crosses Over With Bleach" collection. This one is a companion to my previous entry "Loner". Contains a spoiler for the end of Bleach's Soul Society arc.

Manslayer - Bleach Crossover )
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Another drabble. This one is a companion to "Survivor" and thus part of my Bleach crossover universe. Though there's very little Bleach to it, and it's largely a character study.

Warrior - Bleach Crossover )
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Finally getting back to writing some things. "Miscommunication" is moving again, and I've been playing with several drabble ideas. One of which I'm ready to post, here at least. It's another entry for my Bleach crossover series, crossing Bleach with a fun series I just recently finished. This one is a bit longer as a kind reviewer pointed out to me how the strict 100-word limit made things rather vague. So, this one isn't a true drabble, but I did restrict it to a set word limit (250 words). Anyways:

Survivor - Bleach Crossover )

Edit: And, since posting this, I've further lengthened this short and posted it to my official collection on FFN. The longer, 600 word version is here.
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Drabble: Yet another Bleach crossover drabble. This one probably won't make my "official" collection on as it barely qualifies as a true crossover. But, it does contain characters I wanted to get in on the crossing over action. Thanks to [ profile] mbimomma for the idea that sparked this.

Blunder - Bleach Crossover )
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Yes, it's another Bleach crossover drabble. I wrote this one around the same time as the others but held it back for tweaking. This one is actually a companion piece to "Instructor".

Reminder (Bleach Crossover) )

Okay, going to work on my Archive updates now.
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Drabbles: Finally got these out of my system. Apparently, my brain abruptly decided that everything crosses over with Bleach. Well, with Soul Society at least. Beats me why. But, the notion did produce these three drabbles. Many thanks to [ profile] mbimomma for the beta-reading and helping me think up titles.

Click Here for Crossover Drabbles! )

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