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So, I love the Ao no/Blue Exorcist manga. I really do. I love the main cast and how they interact, I love the way the story has developed everyone, and I even love Kato's tendency to subvert all expectations. But, I've got to say: the current arc is leaving me a little adrift.

Oh, pieces of it are great. We're finally learning more about the Blue Night (in agonizingly tiny tidbits). Bon's character development has gone in an interesting direction, and Lightning has proved to be more than the thoroughly unpleasant character I first took him for. We've finally seen Kato's interpretation of Yuri, and she was wonderful and kind, laughing off little!Shura snubbing her with a good-natured smile and basically being everything the anime!Yuri wasn't. (Also, am I the only who got a Shiemi vibe from her with dirt on her face and hands absorbed in what looked like she was making the sort of mud doll a greenman like Nii possesses?)

Meanwhile, Shiemi's storyline is killing me. In the way a good story does. Because she can't give up becoming an exorcist! She can't! C'mon, Shiemi, whatever it is, everyone else in the plot has thrown off the chains of their pasts; it's your turn! You've worked too hard for this. Don't let her quit, Rin. And, if this has anything to do with that creep Amaimon, burninate 'em. Or, better yet, give Shiemi the pep talk she needs to take care of him herself. That would be epic.

Now, as to the true nature of the Grigori and the cloning business? I still don't know what to make of all that. I'll sort out how I feel once the revelations stop.

But, the thing that's really leaving me cold at the moment is the main villain. Lucifer is simply not a compelling antagonist to me. Sure, "I will end all existence to end my pain!" is a pretty scary threat and all. The stakes are high enough. But, Lucifer doesn't sound that into it. It would be more effective coming from Toudo. In fact, every villain associated with the series is more effective than Lucifer. Satan, whether anime or manga, presents himself as an over the top, scenery chewing maniac. Toudo is a manipulative weasel who is evil and loving it. Gedouin was loathsome, but at least his misanthropic mad scientist shtick was memorable. Even Ernst Frederick Egin from the anime, for all the hate he gets in the fandom, was somewhat entertaining. I mean, look at his Phantom of the Opera wannabe-ness! But, Lucifer is just there, dispassionately mumbling, "This existence pains me; I shall end it." He's got the power, followers, and resources to be a world-ending threat, but, personally, he's boring.

...Maybe Toudo will backstab him and steal his powers. That would be an awesome development.

Date: 2017-04-27 03:19 am (UTC)
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For a while I used to skim over new chapters of the "Blue Exorcist" manga, but honestly, nothing I saw in that time ever excited me at all. I finally gave up on it a few months back. I'll definitely stick to my post-anime 'verse.

Now, the "Seraph of the End" manga, on the other hand... That's still keeping me in suspense for every new chapter. And making me cheer for a character or two that I never thought I would. I want to see that manga get more anime continuation!

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