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A couple weeks ago, [ profile] seekersks brought over the second and third Bleach movies ("The Diamond Dust Rebellion" and "Fade to Black" respectively) for us to watch. I've fallen way behind on the Bleach anime, but the movies reminded me of everything I love about the series. Then, last night, I went to catch up on the manga, which I was about a month behind in.

I just... I... WHAAAAAT?!!! I've been waiting literally years for Aizen's comeuppance. He's played despicable mind games with everyone and always been two steps ahead and had this grand master plan to take the throne of Heaven and... and... he turned into a giant target monster and got sealed away. Oh, and Ichigo revealed that Aizen was just lonely all along.


Bleach has gone a bit downhill over the years, but I thought I could at least expect an epic final battle. So, WHYYYYYYYY?

Although, Ichigo's collapse and the loss of his shinigami powers do have me curious. Somehow, this doesn't feel like the end. And, Kubo has salvaged the plot with a new twist in the past. It's just... That's exactly what the series has started to feel like - a constant salvaging act. It will slide into an endless cycle of mostly uninspired fight scenes and then Kubo will toss out a surprise revelation or a genuinely good conflict that moves the plot, and my interest will be piqued. But then, the slow slide into repetitive and pointless fights will begin anew. I just wish the storyline was consistently good. And, I really wanted to see some Aizen annihilation.

*grumblemutter* I think I'm gonna go re-watch those movies again. They, at least, were a lot of fun.
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