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Webpage Updates: The SWAT Kats Fan Art Page is updated! Now, if I can just continue this mostly on time streak...

Art: And, I went digging through my box of sketches and found some stuff I hadn't scanned as well as a few projects I hope to finish up and scan eventually.
Faces - Several years worth of little face doodles compiled in one image.
Sad Callie - A quick sketch of a rather depressed Callie sitting with her back to the viewer.

Inuyasha Manga Prattle: Wow, Takahashi has really been awesome lately. First, that last arc with Sesshoumaru, which was all kinds of wow. Sesshoumaru is officially back on my good list (at least for now). And, Jaken! My opinion of Jaken has increased so much since he cried over Rin's plight. Crying since Sesshoumaru can't... riiiight. That's kinda endearing too though.

And, this week she's back to the good, old weird-creepy stuff that first hooked me on the series because it reminded me of "The Real Ghostbusters". Yes, I like what I term "weird-creepy", but I don't watch scary movies. Shush.
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