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First, a fanfic recommendation for catastrophechao's excellent Yukio introspection, Lists. In which Yukio tries to define himself, and the author succeeds. It's well-written and poignant.

And then, some gabble about the latest Ao no/Blue Exorcist chapters.

So, [ profile] mintysage and I totally called it about Shima! Okay, I wavered a few times, but [ profile] mintysage never stopped believing Shima was one of the good guys.

I was, however, completely wrong about the arc finally driving Yukio to the breaking point. His epic breakdown and the probable emergence of his demon powers are still slowly building. Slooowly.

At any rate, the end of the... I was calling it the Illuminati Arc, but I guess that's ongoing. So, the last bit was the... "Rescue Izumo Sub-Arc"? The "Inari Arc"? Whatever the case, the finale was fantastic. Izumo got her moment, and her mother... *sniffle* Her previously silly, selfish mother really showed her true self, and she was amazing. Honestly, all the parents in AnE are amazing. And, I'm noticing a theme. Almost every parent to have a major role in the story has wanted their child's freedom. Specifically, their child's freedom from inherited burdens. Shiro wanted to literally free Rin from his biological father, Satan's, (literal) grasp and died to do so. Shiemi's mother wanted to free her from a life tied to her grandmother's garden. Tatsuma didn't want Bon to be tied to their temple's hereditary task of guarding the Impure King, and he fully meant to die to accomplish that. And, Tamamo died freeing Izumo from the Nine Tails' possession and, in taking the Nine Tails with her in death, freed Izumo and her sister from their hereditary duty.

I start to wonder just what it was Shiro had planned regarding Rin and Yukio that he was so tight-lipped about. Given the pattern I'm seeing, I don't think it was the kind of dark, raising-them-as-anti-demon-weapons secret Yukio seems to think it was.

At any rate, the awesome Inari Arc was followed by... chapter 65. I have no idea how to take chapter 65. Shima is back! Yay! Except, wait, didn't Shima just solidify his spy position and fly off on the Illuminati's totally-an-Avengers-rip-off heli-carrier? How can he be back?!

But, at least everyone's reactions to his return - and his deception - were note-perfect. They hit you because they love you, Shima. Really.

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