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The SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive has been pretty active lately. This month, there's the start of a new story, plus updates for two more older ones. It's always nice to be able to check a story "in-progress" instead of "unfinished".

And, my bit of squee is the very belated realization that a new, stand-alone chapter of Inuyasha (often listed as chapter 559) was published last year. Apparently, it was made as part of a project called "Hero's Comeback" where the publisher releases new content from various retired series. I approve of this idea!

The chapter was a lot of fun. Nothing mind-blowing being just a short adventure, but it was great to see old favorites again. Especially since Takahashi worked in a moment for everyone. The best parts were definitely Kohaku's reaction when Sango handed off babysitting duties so she could join the fight, Sesshoumaru wordlessly showing up to protect Rin... while ignoring everyone else, and Kaede getting to show off her skills.

(Now, if Takahashi could have just left out the tired old "joke" of Inuyasha and Kagome fighting over something related to Kikyou. Kikyou's dead twice over, and the gag needs to die with her.)

Also, it's somewhat weird to me that I now have a "Rin" in two fandoms... and one's a little girl while the other is a teenage boy.
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