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This is just a random post to squee over some animated shorts I've found either recently or ages ago and recently re-watched.

Duet - From animtor Glen Keane. The sketchy style of this - and, of course, the gloriously fluid animation - just gives me a huge art squee.

Out of Sight - This is an art school graduate project, and, while the character designs aren't to my taste, I appreciate the children's book style and watercolor look. Most of all, I really love the imagination behind it.

Prosthetic Leg Moses - At least that's the title when crudely translated by Google. A cute little short wherein a ghost girl and a pair of apparently haunted shoes do their own rendition of "Moses Supposes" from "Singing in the Rain".

Shelter - The most recent one in the bunch with the most elaborate animation as it comes courtesy A-1 Pictures. The character designs are a bit uninspired, but the scenery is exquisite and the story (like all of these, told primarily through imagery) is interesting. ...Though it makes me sniffle.

Poulette's Chair - [ profile] mintysage reminded me of this one. There's something very Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki about this one with its sense of wonder balanced against quiet, daily life scenes.
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I actually found this ages ago, but just recently dug it up again. Man At Arms, a blacksmith who creates weapons for movies and TV, made a real life version of Ed's spear from the first episodes of FMA (either anime).

Other favorites from Man At Arms are Sokka's sword from "Avatar: The Last Airbender", which gets bonus points for being literally forged from a meteorite, and He-Man's sword.

Sadly, he doesn't seem to have done Inuyasha's Tessaiga. As for "Blue Exorcist"... Well, Rin's Kurikara is pretty plain if you leave out the whole engulfed in hellfire aspect, which is understandably impossible to recreate ;)
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Some of my recent wanderings on the internet turned up some very random, but very awesome finds.

First, Real Anime Food, a blog where you can find real recipes for various foods seen in anime. Personally, I want to try Rin's sukiyaki. Though the Super Yellow Okumura Rin Special is tempting too. [personal profile] jordannamorgan, I don't know if you cook, but you might find it interesting that her most recent effort was Asuna's Rabbit Ragout.

Then, there's Ichigo's Sheet Music, which has a large collection of anime and game-based piano sheet music. Admittedly, I don't play the piano myself, and the music isn't suited to the flute, which I do play. But, I'm having fun cajoling my pianist mother into trying various favorite tunes ;)

And, yes, that's my snow icon because, amazingly, it has already snowed here briefly! And, I'm ready for more! Bring on the snow!
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I think [ profile] mintysage is getting to me. In the spirit of her random time-wasting discoveries:

This is billed some places as the most difficult piece of music ever. It might well be. In my experience, the frog is terribly difficult to work with and booking the penguins is a nightmare.

Then, there's this little anime avatar maker. With which you can do this or this (yeah, it's meant to be Al; no, you can't tell) and this too! Actually, I think Sage first found this one. I just "rediscovered" it.

Also, [ profile] jordannamorgan has started posting her FMA Big Bang entry Blood Ties. I'll give it a proper review when I'm awake, but suffice it to say, it gets two thumbs up from me.

Okay, back to stuff I'm supposed to be doing.
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I learned something tonight... There is a verb for, "to throw out of a window". It is "defenestrate". And, it is real. Also confirmed in my Webster's II New College Dictionary from 1995.

I just... I... have no idea why you need it.
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Ever found one of those evil, evil "rabbit hole" websites loaded with information where reading one page/entry inevitably leads to following a link to another related page/entry which inevitably leads to yet another until you realize you somehow lost forty-five minutes? Yeah. I give you TV Tropes.

A trope is (as used on the site) a familiar plot device, character type, etc. used in TV shows, movies, books, etc. The site breaks them down, gives them names (often based on a popular example) and offers lists of examples. A favorite of mine is the Crowning Moment of Awesome. And, I've now learned that my favorite characters are definitely Determinators.

Oh, yes, despite the rabbit hole distraction, I really am playing with my new toy. Art postings should be forthcoming soonish.
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Website Updates: The SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive was updated back on January 6. It's the first update of the year, and it's a good-sized one too!

Rambling: The official Shelfari widget doesn't seem to be working for me, so I made my own for my LJ profile. Because. I'm actually having fun remembering as many as I can of the books I've read. Though it feels like everytime I think I'm done I remember something else. And, I haven't even gotten into the 30 or so Trixie Belden books a friend of my grandmother's loaned me or the... 40? maybe? Saddle Club books I own.


Jan. 2nd, 2009 10:24 pm
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Rambling: Whilst enjoying a lazy New Year's Eve, I discovered a new website, Shelfari. It's sort of a book version of The Subwire. You can create a "shelf" of all the books you've read, what you're currently reading, what you plan to read and even add a wishlist. I'm certain that my current list isn't every book I've ever read. In fact, there are a couple of long-ish series I read as a kid that I know I haven't added yet, but I'll get to it. In the meantime, here's my shelf.
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Utter Randomness: So, sometimes I'm bored or, in the case of this week, sick with an energy-draining head cold and can't seem to make myself do something useful. Instead, I wander around the internet, picking some random topic and then letting the various links take me where they will. It's often a fascinating trip. I've learned that there is a webpage for every topic imaginable. Some of my favorite topics have proven to be amusement parks, photos of abandoned buildings and roadside attractions (of the weird variety).

Lately, it's been the history of Disneyland and roadside attractions. Wikipedia has a fun list of attractions to start with, but Roadside America is infinitely more detailed (at least for US attractions). Where else can you learn about Muffler Men? And, I even found an entry for this castle I saw while in Kentucky.
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[ profile] seekersks told me about this site called The Subwire. It's pretty neat. It helps you track releases of anime/manga you're following. I also started filling out my favorites list. I think it's mostly complete now. Maybe. I keep remembering more series/movies.

Edit 2016: Sadly, The Subwire stopped working for me some time ago, so I moved over to My Anime List.
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Random Personal Chatter: Sage and I got to reminiscing last night and took a little trip down memory lane (and the internet), recalling some of our favorite '80's cartoons and movies.

Anyone else remember:

The Mysterious Cities of Gold? I want to see this series again. I want to see the last episode for the first time! It was the most infuriating thing. I saw the series all the way through several times and, every time, something came up on the day they were going to air the ending, and I never saw it! (No, I couldn't tape it. At that age, the vcr was off limits on pain of death.) Sadly, at present, the only DVD offered seems to be in French. Just French. No English subtitle option even. Poo.

Update 10/5/2014: The entire series was released on DVD with the English dub a few years ago. I snapped it up and am glad I did as it's since gone out of print. However, the complete series is available on Amazon Instant Video.

And, Voltron: Defender of the Universe? Wow, I used to obsess on Voltron. I still have my toys. Well, I have the lions, though the green one's head is missing. And, I've managed to find most of the figures again. Oh, and my coloring books! Heh, and I learned something new last night - Voltron was originally an anime called... GoLion????. I think renaming it "Voltron" was a good idea. I think having Sven just leave abruptly after one of the first few episodes so they could cover up that he died in the original anime was a dumb idea. I always used to wonder where on earth he got to.

Watership Down? - Awesome movie, awesome book. Didn't even know the book existed until seventh grade when I found it in the school library... and then discovered shortly after that it was in the library because my English teacher had her students read it every year. The reading and discussion of one of my favorite stories in class was awesome. Except I thought the teacher sucked some of the fun out of it by over-analyzing and the other students, having read the book first, didn't, in my opinion, properly appreciate the movie... but whatcha gonna do?

Danger Mouse? - I used to think this show had the best theme song ever.

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs? I've never seen this one myself, but this is an old favorite of Sage's.

And, lastly, how about Mom's favorite old cartoon memory (yes, she kinda got into the conversation too) - The Mighty Orbots? I never saw this either. Apparently, it came on just after Mom had packed me and my brother out the door to ride to school with Dad. Mom wants to see it again. So, if you ever see any copies for sale (that aren't $50 like what I found on Ebay last night - Gah! Fifty bucks for one VHS tape still in the packaging that might not even work?! Guess it's because it's so rare...), drop me a line!

Trips down memory lane are fun.

Quote of the Day: "He fell down the stairs and stabbed himself with a leprechaun." (Misheard off some soap opera playing back in my grandmother's room while I ate lunch. The line was repeated and I realized it was a "letter opener" not a "leprechaun"... but isn't leprechaun so much funnier?)

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