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So, this weird little drabble is all [ profile] mintysage's fault.

Monster Movie Madness (SWAT Kats) )

So, yes, this is a crazy in-joke that somehow took on a life of its own after Sage and I watched some really hilarious monster movie reviews. And then, I took a fatal step and watched an actual Gamera movie, 2006's "Gamera the Brave". ...It's actually a really, good, sweet movie. There's no silliness like the older entries, and the special effects are done well. And, I'm a sucker for the "A Boy and his X" storyline. If that's not your thing, there are three other newer Gamera movies made in the 90's that are also well worth watching. I've made my way through the first two, "Gamera: Guardian of the Universe" and "Gamera 2: Advent of Legion". The second in particular is a fun, sci-fi monster movie. So... yeah, I might own a few Gamera movies now.

Look, you already knew I was weird!

Sketch Post

Aug. 7th, 2016 11:18 pm
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Yes, I still draw sometimes. Just not nearly as much as I should be. At any rate, here are some recent-ish sketches.

I do have one simple color pic nearing completion.
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It's a very small update, but there is one new piece of art up on the SWAT Kats Fan Art Page.

I also gathered up some art of my own in this collection of sketches. It's mostly Fullmetal Alchemist (*cough*mostly Ed*cough*) and Ao no/Blue Exorcist, but a random Darkwing Duck slipped in too. Plus a little sketch of mine and [ profile] mintysage's Ao no/Blue Exorcist fan character, Ayame. (The squeeing girl with what are meant to be fox ears.)
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So, I finally succumbed to temptation and replaced my aging (and increasingly glitchy) tablet laptop with a "new" (aka refurbished) Lenovo Helix. It is very shiny. And, I used it to make arts. Sort of. At least, I did this little sketch to go along with my Last Resort drabble. Yukio has finally found a way to make Rin pay attention in class.
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Yes, the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive has come out of its dry spell and seen an update. There are two new, complete oneshots now posted for your reading pleasure.

As for art, I've been working on re-doing my old image of London!Ed. Here's the current linework. I think it's a definite improvement, but I'm not sure if it's quite there yet. Any suggestions are welcomed.
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So, I still haven't been getting far in my fanfic. But, it seems that it's a good time for art. In the last week, I've managed to finish up two old, old pieces that were sitting on my hard drive and made some new sketches.

First, a colored version of Ed's "little problem". I'd run across a tutorial recently for making fanart look like a screenshot, so I used this image as a guinea pig.

Then, I finally finished coloring an old sketch of Dark Razor in Painter. Originally drawn in conjunction with mine and [ profile] mintysage's They That Walk in Darkness fanfics.

Lastly, the AnE (Blue Exorcist) bug hit again, and I had to draw both Rin and this bit of foolishness. The last is [ profile] mintysage's fault. She noticed Rin's shirt in episode 6 and commented how it looked like something Ed would wear.
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Website Updates: Yes, the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive has been updated again. Not a major update, but there are two new fanfics to read as well as new chapters for two existing stories.

Art Post: Nothing big here either, just a collection of my most recent Ed sketches with random commentary.
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So, that illustration for [ profile] jordannamorgan's "Family"? Might be almost done. I'm in the home stretch anyways. Here is the current, nearly complete version with all of the color placed and a tentative background sketched in.

The background is based on the Hughes' living room as seen here. Though that brilliant blue wasn't working for me, and the coffee table has been moved to accommodate Al.

I have some little details to fight with and some lighting to tweak, but... it's close? Though it's supposed to be Christmas in the fanfic, so I think some decorations are in order. Maybe a wreath on the window? Snow outside?
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Project Updates:Yes, I've been quiet lately, but I have been working on things!

Firstly, my illustration for [ profile] jordannamorgan's fanfic Family is coming along. Slowly, yes, but coming. I'm not sure if I'll keep the tinting. It's something I'm toying with.

Then, a little sketch for [ profile] mintysage because I promised her kittens. I, of course, know absolutely nothing about this having anything to do with any cracktastic crossover RPG's.

Writing-wise, I've been working hard on my Fullmetal Alchemist multi-chapter fic "Nameless" (yes, that's its real name). It's about ten chapters long now. I'll probably start posting it when I get through what I consider "Part 2".

In webpage news, I have no submissions at this time for the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive, which is why it hasn't seen an update in a few months.


Jun. 9th, 2010 01:03 am
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Yes, after fighting with my scanner to try and find a balance between picking up my faint, faint pencil lines and not picking up the nasty residue of too much erasing, I have sketches!

Firstly, the final pencil version of this little scene from [ profile] jordannamorgan's fanfic Family. Al now has a second hand (always good that) and various other details, and Ed is finally holding his book somewhat normally. If anyone has any other corrections, please let me know before I drag this off to the tablet laptop for coloring.

And then, a, probably not exact, scene inspired by [ profile] randomcheeses' fanfic Restitution. A time-traveling Roy Mustang gives young Ed a ride. And, learns that Ed's issues with his height go way back.

Last, Ed in his movie get-up and looking rather distressed by it. It's because the coat isn't red. I'd be upset too.

Oh, and one SWAT Kat sketch I forgot I had! T-Bone's got this one well in hand.
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Blargh! I've spent the last few days half out of it thanks to allergies and such, but I think I'm finally winning. That or there's a lull in the pollen. But, I can work with that!

The allergy energy drain has made for very unproductive days, but I have gotten some sketching done. Mostly attempting to illustrate this little scene from [ profile] jordannamorgan's fanfic Family. Please, please feel free to point out all eleventy billion things wrong with it. Al is slowly driving me to distraction since I know there's something wrong, just not exactly what. And, something weird is going on with the angles of Ed's book, but I can probably badger someone into holding a book for me.

And, of course, I finished "Inuyasha: The Final Act". And, the finale was everything I wanted. More fangirl babble behind the cut... )
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I've already posted these on deviantART, but here's a couple of Fullmetal Alchemist sketches I did recently just to prove I am still drawing. Just... slowly.

A Little Problem? - The ever-popular cat chimera!Ed. Because I was bored. It wasn't my plan, but there might be more of this chimera!Ed due to a hilarious little back and forth plot Randomcheeses and I had going on deviantART.

Naptime - Ed hitches a ride on Al.

And, lastly, I've debated it a bit and have decided to post my current desktop background that I made for myself. Because it came out nicely, and I don't have anywhere else to put it as I'm not starting a Fullmetal Alchemist webpage. No, no, I'm not. Mind, this comes with a warning. The image uses screenshots from "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" and is both a minor spoiler and rather violent, including blood and the depiction of a decidedly nasty injury (my aunt speculates he should have lost a kidney).

So, if that won't bother you, here: my "Promises to Keep" background. It's sized for my widescreen monitor at 1440 x 900.
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Website Updates: At long last I've updated my Inuyasha website, Gone to the Dogs! I've posted one new-ish sketch (okay, I've posted it to the LJ before, but it has been tweaked) and the revised second chapter of "The More Things Change..." One largish passage has been added since I posted the rough draft here. Additionally, I've added a couple of drabbles that had previously been posted here. Yes, most everything generally does get put up here on LJ first.
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Art and Such: Man, I just haven't gotten much done lately, be it art or fics. But, there is an update for the SWAT Kat Fanfiction Archive in the works.

And, thanks to getting the first season of Darkwing Duck as well as that of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the 80's cartoon) for my birthday I've been reminded of some of my old favorite shows. It also reminded me of some of my old art. I got to digging around and found a few pieces of my old Darkwing Duck fanart that were scan-worthy. These are all from around 1994. Be afraid.

Squeeeeze! - Seems like the Liquidator has the upper hand on Darkwing. At least for now. (Prismacolor pencils)

Caught in the Act - You know Gosalyn couldn't resist examining every single Christmas present with her name on it. (Prismacolor pencils. Unfortunately, there's a gray film from the old wax that I couldn't get off. More rubbing with a cloth might do it, but I didn't want to damage anything.)

Prepare to be Soaked - Darkwing and Launchpad have Megavolt cornered. (Prismacolor pencils)

And, just for a preview, I do have some new stuff in the works. See? New stuff!
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Wow... It's hard for me to believe that Inuyasha (the manga) has really ended. I don't think I've ever followed anything that managed to last so long. And, I missed the first several years of Inuyasha's run. I just came in in 2001 and had to catch up. Still, it's been a great ride, and I'll miss my weekly Inuyasha fix. Anyways, comments on the finale will be behind the cut. First, in honor of the end of Inuyasha, an Inuyasha sketch post:

Catch - Inuyasha catches Kagome as she trips. Edit: I made some changes to this one and reposted a corrected copy.

Smile - I think this was originally supposed to be another sketch based on "After the Bone Eater's Well" of Six, one of Inuyasha's clones. After all, how often does Inuyasha smile like that? Still, it's cute.

Grip - Inuyasha in modern dress catches himself after being blasted back.

Delivery - From an idea that might eventually become an AU fanfic. Miroku and Sango encounter some trouble while trying to return a lost sword. I like the style I used here, but I can't quite seem to get Sango right.

Inuyasha Finale Comments - May contain some spoilers )
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Website Updates: Finally got my Inuyasha page, Gone to the Dogs, updated yesterday! I posted one new finished pic and some new sketches.

And, it's about time for the updating cycle to start again with updates for the SK fanfic and fanart archives.
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Website Updates: And, Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery is updated at last! I'm keeping my Christmas image up for the moment since I posted it so very late. (I'm also still tweaking its full-size version.) Otherwise, there's one new pic and three sketches from me this time. The What's a SWAT Kat? page has also seen several updates as [ profile] felonykat gave me permission to use her scans/photos of the "Toon Magazine" article on the SWAT Kats and the SWAT Kats White Castle toys. And, as always, the links have been checked/updated.

Now, I just have to figure out what's up with my scanner as all of my latest scans have looked rather bad. I'm not sure what it could be. It's picking up too much detail (paper texture/wrinkles, etc.). There's always been a little of that, but not to this degree. I thought maybe it was just my new monitor allowing me to see more detail, but I can look back at older images and they still look nice enough. So, hopefully, it's just the software settings. My hard drive is looking at a reformat anyways, so maybe I can start fresh with the scanner software.
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Sketches: Bleh, I haven't been drawing nearly enough lately. But, I have been slowly working on sketching all of the Inuyasha clones from Bons Baisers' fanfic After the BoneEater's Well.

First, Six and One, probably my favorites of the group. Six being the "older" one thanks to his growth being accelerated. One is his actual age of three.

Then, there's Goliath, the fifth clone. Probably my next favorite. His sketch needs work as he doesn't look nearly big enough, and his face could also use some tweaking.

Next up, Goliath's partner Hannibal, the second clone and computer whiz. I'm still not satisfied with his design.

Finally, the nasty, misguided, Seven (with captive One), who is still loyal to his creators and devoted to the destruction of his fellow (rogue) clones.

And, I'm trying to draw a sketch of the author's original character Holden, but she's being a difficult one, even more so than Hannibal.
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Website Updates: Yes, after another ridiculously long hiatus Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery is updated. I've been working on incorporating the php coding [ profile] modad provided (you are awesome, Matt!) and redoing several of my icons with better base screenshots. (Wouldn't you know it, I get a nice, new flatscreen monitor, and the downside is that I can now see how nasty some things looked.) Additionally, I posted my latest drabble, one new icon and some new sketches I just scanned tonight.

So, yay for an update! Even if it's a small one...
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Just a few fanfic recommendations:

Death by Chocolate by Beth Einspanier
Series: CSI/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005 movie) Crossover
Rating: T/PG-13
Status: Complete
Summary: A young man is found in the desert, having been drowned in chocolate. Who would want him dead, and what does he have to do with a reclusive chocolatier from London?
Comments: The crossover idea sounds insane, but the story is excellent. Not only does the author pull off this improbable clash of realities in a believable manner, she writes a really great mystery too. There are plenty of suspects, plenty of motives, and I have to admit that I was surprised by the outcome. I've never watched CSI, but this came recommended from one of my favorite crossover authors, Mandolin, and it doesn't disappoint.

Ticking Time Bomb Baby by Omni82
Series: Rurouni Kenshin
Rating: T/PG-13
Status: Complete (more could be added, but what is there stands alone)
Summary: With every other potential babysitter refusing to deal with Kenji ever again, Kenshin finds himself left alone for a day with his demon spawn.
Comments: This is absolutely hysterical. I absolutely love the little "quirks" Kenji has picked up from all his past babysitters. The only downside is that the second chapter chronicaling Kenji's earlier stay with Sano and Megumi fell a little flat for me. I'm not sure why. Some of the jokes in it were a bit too risque for my taste, but, mostly, it just seemed to lack the overall wit of the first installment. But, the first chapter is brilliant, and I highly recommend it.
Yes, [ profile] mintysage that summary is for you since I know how you feel about Kenji ;)

The Legend of Drunken Matrimony by S. Sakurai
Series: One Piece
Rating: T/PG-13
Status: Complete
Summary: The island of Rakuen may not be crawling with thugs and despots, but it still boasts an insidious danger to the Straw-Hat Pirates. After a night of inhibition-free revelry, have the cook and the thief turned into the wife and her lover?
Comments: Yeah, it sounds like the setup for any number of the semi-serious romantic dramas out there. But, it's not semi-serious, romantic or drama. It's One Piece. Everyone is in character, and the wackiness that makes One Piece so awesome is going in full swing.

After the BoneEater's Well by Bons Baisers
Series: Inuyasha (hypothetical post-series)
Rating: M/R for violence and adult themes
Status: 22 Chapters - Work In-Progress
Summary: Seven years after the well was destroyed, Kagome learns that there's still hope to see Inuyasha again. But, to get to him, she has to go through a fanatical society devoted to the destruction of all magical creatures. Not to mention accept the help of Sesshoumaru and some even more unusual allies.
Comments: The summary above is my own. I saved the author's summary (a portion of it) to sum up what sets this fanfic apart from the many other, "Kagome is trapped in her time and somehow re-meets Inuyasha," fanfics out there. What is it? What does this fanfic have that the others don't? "Fanatics, clones, a reformed Sesshoumaru, and an adorable baby Inu." Yeah. And, let me tell you, you gotta love the clones. Six is my favorite, but Goliath's a close second. I'll try not to give anything away, but, so far, this fanfic has been wonderfully different, and I've enjoyed every minute of it.
It also made me attempt fanart of Six and One and Goliath - all character designs very tentative and sketchy.

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