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It's not very impressive, but I wanted to do something with a fall theme and combined that urge with a new title graphic for my SWAT Kat page. You can view the full size image here. Part of the leaves are the default Photoshop maple leaf brush, but the others are my own, drawn from leaves I picked up here and there.

I've also been doing some general cleaning up around the site. No real updates, but I'm trying to get it looking nicer.
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It LIIIIIVES!!!! Yes, at long last, the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive has been updated! It's not a particularly big update, but there are five new stories, one new chapter of an ongoing work, and one new author!

I also made a small housekeeping update to my own SK site. Mostly just taking down the Christmas decorations. Yes, I know how late it is.
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Merry Belated Christmas and an advance Happy New Year!

Aiy! I really did mean to make a Christmas post, but things were a bit hectic here. It wasn't a bad Christmas, but it was a little subdued with our recent string of problems (particularly car trouble like whoa) and then the loss of our nearly twenty year old cat, Jenny. She was born in our garage in 1991 and outlived her brother, Brave, by eleven years (almost to the day). We're going to miss our little one.

Aside from that, there were far too many desserts, my little second cousin turned two, I got a lot of FMA stuff to squee over and [ profile] seekersks got me the awesome new desk chair I'm currently enjoying. To fully explain the awesomeness of the chair I'll note that it's got nice thick pads for the seat and back while its predecessor was a wooden kitchen chair. And, it makes a great reading chair too.

Additionally, I managed to finish my annual SWAT Kat Christmas pic and actually updated Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery. Mostly with things that were already posted here over the last year, but they've all been permanently archived on the site now (sketches, drabbles, icons, fanfic recommendations, etc.). Although, looking at the additions to my non-SK fanfiction over the last year or so, I'm starting to think I may need to re-consider about making a small FMA site...
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So, here as it's almost a new year, I'll make my last post for 2009. The holidays have been good here. Christmas was great. Over far too fast, but great. I got to see all of the family, including my cousin, his wife and my little... second cousin? When you start getting into the children of cousins, I start getting confused. Anyways, good times.

And, I finished my Christmas image before Christmas! It's posted over at Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery. Though expect to see a corrected version soon as I inevitably end up tweaking anything I rush to complete. (It's already been noted to me that Chance is missing his whiskers. And, that's fixed now.) There should also be a proper update coming along soonish as well.

And, of course I got gifts, including:

- A Sony Walkman mp3 player, which is awesome since the old mp3 player Seeker loaned me died a few months ago and the ancient CD player I've been using was a battery hog.
- The complete Heat Guy J series (fun show).
- "Spirited Away" and "Independence Day" on DVD. (I never had the former and only had a VHS of the latter.)
- The second season of the old TMNT series. (Still my favorite version of the Turtles.)
- The complete set of The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Finally! At last, I get to see that last episode that I always managed to miss when the show ran on Nickelodeon. Of course, it's been so many years, I'll have to re-watch the entire series first.
- And, an Amazon giftcard I will be putting to good use ;)

2009 has been an okay year, but here's hoping I get a few more things done in the coming year. Especially art-wise. I've really been letting my art slide.
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Website Updates: And, Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery is updated! Of course, it's stuff that was previously posted here, but still. I also have some more work to do involving fixing the issue with the sketches directory and cleaning up the poetry page.

Drabble Post: And, now, a drabble. Because Sage wheedled me for more, I'm tentatively continuing my "Ground Rules" drabble as a series of short fics, revolving around Ed's first meetings with Mustang's staff. These will all be set in the manga and/or Brotherhood anime continuity. And, yes, I know I need to get back to things longer than all of these drabble series. I'm working on it!

Fisticuffs (Fullmetal Alchemist) )
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Ramblings: Christmas was great this year despite our family gathering being a bit smaller. But, my cousin and his wife were understandably tied up. As of today, I have a new little first cousin once removed!

And, I got some nice gifts:

- Some awesome new jeans loaded with pockets courtesy [ profile] seekersks, who was apparently tired of me coveting his cargo pants.
- The soundtrack to Steamboy as well as new CD's by Enya and Loreena McKennitt, who I haven't heard anything from in a while.
- The set of all four Indiana Jones movies.
- The fifth and sixth season boxsets of Inuyasha. (Now, I just need that elusive third season box, and I'll have them all to date. Mwahahahaaa!)
- The first Naruto movie, Pixar's awesome Ratatouille and the TMNT movie.
- The Inuyasha Manga Profiles book.
- Several other books, most notably Piper at the Gate by Mary Stanton. It's the sequel to "The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West", which I read in middle school in a span of about twenty-four hours and still remember clearly. Superb book. I hope the sequel will be as good.

Website Updates: Also, Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery has been updated! No new Christmas image this year as I was tied up with some other projects, but I did get one finished pic up! It's a terribly out of season one, but ah well. Additionally, I updated the Non-SK Fanfiction page with the drabbles I've been posting here, updated the links and made some minor tweaks to the Curious About Me? page.
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Website Updates: Finally got almost everything caught up! First, I updated my personal site, Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery on May 8 with some new pencil drawings and sketches. Yes, the Christmas image is now down. And, the links have all been checked/updated as needed.

Then, on May 11, I updated the SWAT Kat Fanfic Archive. This time out we had several submissions, all from Ulyferal.
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Website Updates: And, Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery is updated at last! I'm keeping my Christmas image up for the moment since I posted it so very late. (I'm also still tweaking its full-size version.) Otherwise, there's one new pic and three sketches from me this time. The What's a SWAT Kat? page has also seen several updates as [ profile] felonykat gave me permission to use her scans/photos of the "Toon Magazine" article on the SWAT Kats and the SWAT Kats White Castle toys. And, as always, the links have been checked/updated.

Now, I just have to figure out what's up with my scanner as all of my latest scans have looked rather bad. I'm not sure what it could be. It's picking up too much detail (paper texture/wrinkles, etc.). There's always been a little of that, but not to this degree. I thought maybe it was just my new monitor allowing me to see more detail, but I can look back at older images and they still look nice enough. So, hopefully, it's just the software settings. My hard drive is looking at a reformat anyways, so maybe I can start fresh with the scanner software.
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Website Updates: Well, not a real update, but I finally posted my very, very belated Christmas image to Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery. It still needs some tweaks before I post it full-size anywhere else, but I'm working on it. A real update should also be coming soon.

And, in other news, Christmas was great. Mom, Seek and I had a great time on the Saturday before Christmas doing our last bit of shopping and just generally goofing off together. And then, we met with various parts of the family on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and again on Thursday after Christmas, and everyone had a great time each visit.

It was also a good Christmas fandom-wise as I got the fourth season boxset of Inuyasha and the second/last season boxset of The Twelve Kingdoms. I also got the Transformers (2007 movie) DVD and some old favorites I'd never had even VHS copies of - An American Tail and The Land Before Time.

So, I've now got lots of things to watch.
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Website Updates: Two all at once! The SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive is updated with three new chapters by Kimberly C., Tigerkat and Ulyferal.

And, I finally updated my personal site, Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery. It includes three new pics from me and one guest pic. Also, CBS did a lovely illustration from my "T-Bone Too" series! It's already been posted to the SWAT Kat Fan Art Archive, but you can also find it here. I've also posted/collected some of my non-SWAT Kat-related drabbles on the Non-SK Fanfiction page. There is one new icon and some new, cleaner versions of some of the old ones on the icons page. I finally cleaned out my Non-SK Art page, removing a lot of old things that I no longer like. They are not available on the Archives page. However, if you really, really want any of them, just let me know. And finally, as always, the links have been updated.
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Website Updates: And, now Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery is updated as well. Just a little update posting my latest pic and the final installment of my AU fanfic T-Bone Too: To the Dawn's Earliest Light. I've still got some other changes and general site cleanup to make, but it's coming along.

Now... on to my Inuyasha site! Which, actually, recently got a wonderful award/critique by another site that I need to note as well as look into using some of the awesome suggestions that they made.
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Website Updates: Yes, after another ridiculously long hiatus Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery is updated. I've been working on incorporating the php coding [ profile] modad provided (you are awesome, Matt!) and redoing several of my icons with better base screenshots. (Wouldn't you know it, I get a nice, new flatscreen monitor, and the downside is that I can now see how nasty some things looked.) Additionally, I posted my latest drabble, one new icon and some new sketches I just scanned tonight.

So, yay for an update! Even if it's a small one...
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Webpage Updates: Whew! Finally catching up! My website Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery was updated on November 22 with a new title graphic/color scheme, some new sketches, a few new icons and updated links. The big update this time around was that I finally went back to my old informational pages and cleaned up my page where I briefly summarized the show and its characters. It really was atrocious with a lot of old, old art.

And, I updated the SWAT Kat Fanfiction Archive just last night with three new complete fanfics and some new chapters for an ongoing one. (Oh, and, yes, Felmun, if you see this, I got your name changed and all. I was going to e-mail you last night, but my internet connection decided I needed to go to bed and died on me.)

Now, on to the SK Fan Art Archive!
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Website Updates: And, after dragging my heels for the better part of a year, Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery is finally updated! Of course, anyone who has followed this journal has probably seen most everything I added, but... still! I did do a new title graphic, which I like, but I'm rather unhappy with the layout/colors. I'll try not to leave it there for six months.

Anyways, I posted my latest art (mainly MSKAC submissions), some new icons and updated the links. Actually, as usual, I've been updating the links all along.

The biggest change is that I've begun doing some cleaning out on my art. I slimmed down my main fanart gallery and converted it over to a thumbnail version. Most of the art that I removed was shuffled over into the archive section, so it's still available. And, if you find anything missing that you would like a copy of, just ask me about it! As I've probably said before, I hate it when stuff on the internet just disappears, so I'll try not to do that to anyone.
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Website Updates: Well, I got on a link checking kick last night and I can now safely say that all of the links for Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery and Gone to the Dogs have been checked and updated. Man, seems like my Inuyasha links are forever going defunct.

Personal Chatter: And now, for the kitten photos I promised.

The Timid One - Our shy little orange tabby. I wanted to name it T-Bone, but we're not sure yet of any of the kittens' genders, and it's much too shy to be a T-Bone.

Zorro - Our little sickly kitten (who seems to be doing well). It's mostly black with a white muzzle. My mother commented that it looked like it had a mask. Thus, it's Zorro.

The Gray One - Our gray kitten who we're yet to think of a good name for.

Mo and Zorro - And, here's Zorro again with Mo. "Mo" is short for "Mohawk", which is what the little brown streak on its head looks like. Not a good shot of Mo really since its head is down, but I ran out of battery power for the flash before I could get a good one. Mo also has what looks like a goatee - a little black spot just below its bottom lip.

The Muppet - The kitten's mother, whom I call "the Muppet". This is because when she opens her mouth to meow, it's like half her head is opening, which makes me think of a muppet. Sorry for the truly horrible photo. This is one of the few I tried to take after I lost the flash. I'll try and make a better one later.
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Website Updates: Well, I've got most of the Gallery switched over to the style sheets. Still have a couple new things to post up, but I've put updating on hold briefly while I check out [ profile] modad's awesome suggestions and see about implementing them.

Fangirling: Finally, saw the FMA movie, Full Metal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala last Friday night. *happy squeak* It was awesome. The series ended alright, but, well... there were certain "unsatisfactory" (and spoilerish) elements. When I heard about the movie and saw early images from it, I started hoping. Then, I saw the trailer and started to fear that the movie would be an exercise in frustration that would only circle around and set things back to where they were at the series' end with no definitive finale. However, the movie didn't disappoint me. It does put an ending on the FMA anime, wrapping up almost every loose end I could think of. Almost. They could probably manage at least one more movie based on a couple of unresolved details. Other than that.. < fangirl squealing > Ed was awesome! Al was awesome! Mustang was awesome! It made me happyhappy! < /fangirl squealing >

Obligatory Meme: Just an interesting little fanfiction meme I picked up in another LJ.

Click Here for Meme )
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Webpage Updates: I've finally gotten some major work done on Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery in the last few days.

Firstly, the actual content stuff:

- Two new guest pics from Jennifer Munoz.
- Posted two more of the drabbles I've done (which have already been posted here)
- Put up a section for the icons I've been making
- Put up my Christmas image and colors

And, everything else:

- Finally have around 50-60% of the site set up to use style sheets, so that, in the future, I won't have to change the color programming on every. single. html. file. again. I tried style sheets the last time I did a major update, and they didn't work. This time, I figured out what I was doing wrong. Predictably, it was something painfully simple.
- I'm working on a version of my main SWAT Kat image gallery that will use image thumbnails.
- A huge chunk of the contents of the main gallery is slated to be sent to the Archive page. I'll probably be cleaning out the Original Characters, RPG and Fanfiction sections as well. Some images will be archived, others will just be removed. A rare few may be re-done.
- I intend to finally get the "What's a SWAT Kat?" and "Poems" sections redone to match the rest of the webpage.

And, I think that's it. Any and all suggestions welcomed.

Personal Chatter: Christmas was good, not without some down moments, but good. For the curious, I now finally have a copy of the Inuyasha Artbook in English (Yes, Seeker, I loved the Japanese copy you got me; I just couldn't read it ), lots of new music to listen to, new winter boots, plenty of reading material and the first set of "The Twelve Kingdoms" DVDs! And, let's not forgot a ton of remaining holiday goodies to munch on.
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Website Updates: Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery is updated! And, yes, it actually has a few things everyone hasn't seen here. Mainly just some new odds and ends I've been able to collect (with a lot of help) of the SWAT Kat-related merchandise. Finally found something on those elusive kid's meal toys!

Also, got my church's webpage updated. So yay!

Granted, now I want to redo the layout of both sites. Aiy well...

In other good news, the Ebay listing with my fanart has been cancelled early! Now, if they just don't try it again... Well, let's hope not.

Okay, going to bed now.
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Website Updates: Well, I finally updated Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery! There's only one new pic because the new layout took an age. Sadly, after all that time, it's still far from perfect and certainly not my best effort with the iframes. But, I'm still learning in that regard. The idea is to do a new theme for each season. The winter theme may be a little late, but you won't have to deal with the fall one for *too* long. Anyways, I've done a lot of cleaning - removing some old pics or relocating them to my Archive page and updating outdated links and information as well as generally tweaking the page to be more easily converted to varying themes. I still have to get the "What's a SWAT Kat?" and Poetry pages fixed up for the new look. And, both need a lot of updating in general. Any comments on the new layout would be welcomed. Is the viewing frame too small? Should I make it larger next time? And, I want to use thumbnails at least for my color images. Responses? Good? Bad? Etc.

Other Projects: Er... uh... Well, everything else kinda got sidelined to finish the above page update. But, I have managed to write one of those infamous 100 word fanfics that are so big in the Inuyasha fandom (and perhaps others). Actually, I wrote it a while ago and forgot to post it. It's along the same lines as my last short, "Retribution", but the more humorous angle of the situation. So, here ya' go: Moment of Triumph.
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Website Updates: Finally working on a new layout for Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery. It will use iframes, limited thumbnails (I think), the background will not be blue (::mourns:: My beautiful blue!), and it will use this image as the first of hopefully a series of seasonal themes. Still a lot of work yet to do to the image and the whole thing... but it's coming. [Edit 11/3/04: I've taken down the image this links to now that the image is on my main page. Just go there to see it if you want ;)]

[Edit/Addition]: Oh, and here is the first of new images I'm working on for my "What's a SWAT Kat?" section.

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