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So, I finally finished the 90's Gamera trilogy. And, you know what? It was really good.

No, I'm not kidding. It's well-made, the special effects by and large hold up, heroines Nagamine and Asagi as well as poor luckless Osako are engaging, and it's generally like watching a good sci-fi/fantasy anime. Because I can't not think anime when Gamera goes all shounen Determinator toward the end of the third movie, blasts off his own hand to free himself, and then absorbs his opponent's attack to make a new hand out of fire. And, all that rather than use the hand in which he was holding a rescued girl who hated him and who had caused much of the movie's trouble.

So, yeah, I've been pulled down the kaiju rabbit hole. Honestly, "Pacific Rim" probably started it. From there, it was off to the adorable "Gamera the Brave" then the excellent trilogy, and then... Well, yes, I did take a peek at the first three of the 60's Gamera movies. Because the entire original run came on the same bargain basement set as the 90's movies, and I figured, why not? The three older entries I watched can't compare to the later movies, but I found "Gamera vs. Gyaos" to be pretty fun in its way.

Anyway, I'm all outta Gamera now*, so, there's only one place to go from here. Godzilla. And, Amazon with their $5 add-on DVD's has been merrily enabling me. I figure I'll eventually work my way through the 80's/90's Heisei series and some of the 2000's standalone movies, and then come back and gabble some more.

...No, none of this has given me a fanfic bug, so you can stop worrying. This is a fandom like the MCU, which I love, but only occasionally gabble about because, for whatever reason, it doesn't demand art and fic from me.

(* Unless the proposed new movie happens. Warning: trailer includes some violent/unpleasant imagery.)
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So, this weird little drabble is all [ profile] mintysage's fault.

Monster Movie Madness (SWAT Kats) )

So, yes, this is a crazy in-joke that somehow took on a life of its own after Sage and I watched some really hilarious monster movie reviews. And then, I took a fatal step and watched an actual Gamera movie, 2006's "Gamera the Brave". ...It's actually a really, good, sweet movie. There's no silliness like the older entries, and the special effects are done well. And, I'm a sucker for the "A Boy and his X" storyline. If that's not your thing, there are three other newer Gamera movies made in the 90's that are also well worth watching. I've made my way through the first two, "Gamera: Guardian of the Universe" and "Gamera 2: Advent of Legion". The second in particular is a fun, sci-fi monster movie. So... yeah, I might own a few Gamera movies now.

Look, you already knew I was weird!
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I hadn't mentioned it previously, but, yes, I attended Otakon 2016! It was the final year in Baltimore, and I was sad that I didn't get a last visit down to the Inner Harbor proper. But, with temperatures in the mid to upper 90's and a heat index over 100, it was simply too hot to spend more than the minimum amount of time outside. Still, it was a good year. I got to visit my favorite sandwich place, Macado's twice on the drive to and from Baltimore (and try their giant cinnamon bun... mmm...) and, while we were in Baltimore, we hit Pappa's Restaurant one last time for the fantastic crabcakes.

As has become the norm, we kicked off Thursday with a movie. This year, it was Star Trek Beyond, which I much enjoyed. The plot was straightforward but fun, the character interactions great, and the whole movie a fun ride I suspect I'll enjoy watching again and again once it's out on DVD. And, as a bonus, Mom, the biggest Star Trek fan in our group, finally got to see one of the new movies in the theater.

Then, of course, it was Otakon time on Friday.

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So, Otakon 2015. Aside from Thursday's technical difficulties, it was a good year. A really good year. The weather was absolutely perfect with no rain, and the temperatures were generally in the mid to upper 80's with a breeze most days. The convention was a ton of fun with great guests, and I found a crabcake that might be almost as good as Faidley's. Pappa's Restaurant (the Glen Burnie location particularly) was this year's big food find. Delicious crabcakes that are almost pure lump crab with minimal filler. *drools*

So, like last year, we "officially" started vacation on Thursday by going to see the latest Marvel movie, Antman. I honestly went to see this one purely on the strength of Marvel's previous movies because the trailer didn't wow me. But, the movie did. Mom came along, and even she liked it. Seriously, Marvel, please keep up this winning streak. I'm loving it. After that, it was off to the Power Plant Barnes & Noble to take advantage of their Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal on manga. Then, of course, came Linecon. But, I got a free T-shirt.

Otakon proper started on Friday.

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ETA: I forgot the best quote of the con. A tweet posted up in response to the delayed lines: "I saw the line move once. When I was young and full of dreams."
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So, yes, Otakon 2014. It's come and gone, and, yes, I went. I was afraid the trip wouldn't happen this year due to a variety of family health issues, but, with a lot of prayer, it did, and it was wonderful. Lots of fun, lots of rest, lots of great food. (Brownie smothered in cookie dough ice cream, fudge, Oreos and whipped cream... Mmmm....)

Seeker and I started out on Thursday by going to see Guardians of the Galaxy. As seems to be the norm now, Marvel did not disappoint. The movie had just the right mix of hilarious and awesome plus some gleeful subversions of tropes the viewer was set up to expect. (That Power Walk... *cackle*) Then, it was off to the Cross Street Market to try a crabcake from Nick's Seafood. It wasn't quite as good as Faidley's, but not bad at all.

Finally, it was on to Otakon on Friday. This was my ninth visit. And, it was an oddly - though not unpleasantly - laidback convention. There was nothing I had my heart set on this year. The con's primary focus seemed to be "Sailor Moon" to accompany the releases of the old and new anime, and I've never been a fan of "Sailor Moon". So, with no premieres or must-see guests, Seeker and I just picked whatever sounded interesting and drifted that way.

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Well, it's been a very happy movie month for me. "Pacific Rim" was everything I was hoping for - fantastically cool robots versus freakish monsters and a lot of much-appreciated little nods to mecha anime. It's just a fun movie. And, its particular method of piloting the robots - two, often-related pilots mind-linking to share the mental strain? Oh, that's given me some interesting ideas for future drabbles. I know a couple sets of brothers I'd love to apply such ideas to ;)

Then, there was the "Ao no/Blue Exorcist" movie. *squee!* It's not a perfect movie... and it made me sniffle like I knew it would, but it's fun, more of a favorite series, and absolutely amazing to look at.

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So, I started watching "The Devil is a Part-Timer!" (or "Hataraku Maou-sama") in which a ruthless demon king is forced into an ignoble exile as a fast food employee. A surprisingly cheerful fast food employee who aspires to attain a full-time position and who tends to use up what little demon power he regains in helping people.

This caused me to realize something: Inter-dimensional baby swap! It All Makes Sense Now. Search your feelings! You know it to be true!

What? No, I'm okay. Really.

In other fannish ravings, every new trailer is making me want to see "Pacific Rim" more and more. Especially this one. It makes my inner seven year old Voltron fan happy. And, the scene starting about 2:14? "This rock boat is my fist!" ....Now, I want to re-watch Gurren-Lagann.
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Alright, [ profile] seekersks, you were right. This year, we opted not to brave the heat and stand in line hours early to pick up our con badges. Instead, we waited and, when we arrived at 4:30, we were able to walk right in. The entire trip to the convention center and back only took an hour and a half, most of which was travel time on the light rail. Which was fantastic given how hot it was today.

Also, I received no less than three compliments on the Inuyasha T-shirt I wore today. I'm slightly flabbergasted. Just a few years ago, it earned some quiet teasing. Ah well. These things truly do go in cycles, I suppose. (And, I do like that shirt, so yay!)

Today's only other excitement was finally getting to see Pixar's "Brave". As always with Pixar, it was excellent. Though the trailers I had seen somewhat obscured the main plot... but I think that was a good thing. And, the little short before the movie, "La Luna", was absolutely adorable.
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I've gotten to see a lot of awesome stuff lately, so here's a nice, rambling post in which I will rave about some of said awesome stuff.

To the Movies... and the Chatter! )
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Fangirling: Wow, an evening of great stuff! First, Seek and I watched the third Naruto movie, Naruto: Great Excitement! The Animal Riot of Crescent Moon Island. (Is that long enough?)

I was expecting a pretty standard adventure, but was pleasantly surprised to find a really well-scripted movie that actually took the time to develop the movie-only characters and plotline and then still had time for a properly paced resolution. (And, the title is, in my opinion, monstrously misleading.) Interestingly, the fight scenes were secondary to the storyline, and, unlike the Inuyasha movies, there wasn't a ton of obvious fan service. (Much as I love my Inuyasha movies, they do suffer from things like pointless Sesshoumaru cameos inserted just to placate fans.) Naruto did, of course, perform his usual "Movie Custom Super Rasengan That Defeats the Villain with the Power of Friendship", but hey. It looks cool.

So, great movie. Probably not for those who instead wanted 90 minutes of butt-kicking ninja action or for those who dislike cute, as much of the movie gave me a sort of Disney vibe. Aand, of course, I like Disney.

And, after watching Naruto, I read this week's Inuyasha chapter (520). Ah, I love the fun Takahashi seems to have with the modern world chapters. I'd been wanting to see Inuyasha interacting with the wider modern world again. Though how can the guys at the train station think he's not a good cosplayer?! Come on, I'm yet to see ears that cu... I mean, good at Otakon!
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Fangirling: Well, aside from Ratatouille and Harry Potter, I've thus far managed to catch all the movies I wanted to see this summer (POTC3, Transformers). Plus, I got to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe belatedly while at the beach the other week. So, the commentary, in the order that I saw them:

Cut to guard against spoilers )
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Drabble Post: Just a little SWAT Kat drabble I've been toying with for a couple weeks. It's been through three different versions, and I'm still not sure it feels right.

Blaze (SWAT Kats) )

Fangirling: So, [ profile] seekersks and I saw the new TMNT movie Thursday night. I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I really enjoyed it. As Seeker had told me, it does seem to be set in the same timeline/universe as the most recent animated series, a few years after the series' end. And, despite having only seen a couple episodes of the new show, I didn't have any trouble following it.
- I still miss the old suits, but the CGI was really good. Especially on the Turtles. Its one failing was Splinter, whose look/design I didn't care for at all. But, at least his voice was perfect.
- Leonardo was awesome.
- I do wish Donatello and Michaelangelo had had larger roles.
- However, I didn't mind Leonardo and Raphael stealing the show too much as I thought the conflict between them was handled really well. (This could be because I'm older than I was when I saw the first movies and I've now accepted the fact that only the original cartoon Raphael is not a grumpy brooder.)
- Overall, it was great to see the Turtles on screen again, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And, I guess no more movies for me for a while as the computer needs a new hard drive before the old one completely fails, and the car needs a new speedometer (I think the old one is just guessing now; I know I am). Bleh.
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Ahhh... Last week was a good one in fangirl land.

First, last week's Inuyasha manga chapter (465, "Light") was amazing. Sad, sniffle-inducing and amazing. I was expecting it to happen. Just not so soon, with so many things still left to tie up. But, Takahashi certainly hasn't lost her touch. She even managed to swing me back around to being sympathetic toward a character who had mostly lost my sympathy over the last year or two's worth of manga. And... well, it was a beautiful chapter. And, it made me do fanart. That I'm still working on. But, here's a portion of it. Maybe it will speak better than I can as to how the chapter got to me. --Potential spoiler but nothing obvious.

One Cut Spoiler )

And then, on Thursday, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Great movie. I can't, like [ profile] seekersks, say that it was the best movie I've seen all year... since it was the only movie I've seen all year. In the theater anyways. But, it was wholly entertaining, never slow or dull like so many reviews have claimed and easy to understand even though I only saw the first movie once the year it came out. And, I just couldn't resist leaning over to Seek in the middle of the last big fight sequence (on land, with the water wheel and all) and asking, "Hey, I thought we weren't watching "One Piece" tonight?"

Okay, just one more piece of fangirlish prattle and I'm off: Yesterday, [ profile] ryokometal_75 sent me a link to a video of the Inuyasha live action play. It's in three parts (you have to view the poster's listing to find the other two parts), not subtitled and not complete, but it's still fun to watch. I was pleasantly surprised. And, contrary to what I had heard, it's not a musical. Unless the random rock music that starts blaring during fight scenes constitutes "musical". It is entertaining though. Live Action!Miroku is a little disturbing, but Kagome seems to have him under control with a few well-placed slaps and a kick or two. Live Action!Inuyasha's wig doesn't quite convince me, but his acting is perfect. I didn't realize how much I missed the surly(er) Inuyasha from the early days when his "I don't care" attitude wasn't quite so transparent. (Not that I don't love the person he's evolved into as well.) I especially love how he sits on the sidelines and munches on Kagome's potato chips (or some similar snack) as she and Miroku fight for their lives.

Edit - 8/24/06: The video link no longer works as it has been removed from YouTube for the time being.
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Website Updates: Well, I've got most of the Gallery switched over to the style sheets. Still have a couple new things to post up, but I've put updating on hold briefly while I check out [ profile] modad's awesome suggestions and see about implementing them.

Fangirling: Finally, saw the FMA movie, Full Metal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala last Friday night. *happy squeak* It was awesome. The series ended alright, but, well... there were certain "unsatisfactory" (and spoilerish) elements. When I heard about the movie and saw early images from it, I started hoping. Then, I saw the trailer and started to fear that the movie would be an exercise in frustration that would only circle around and set things back to where they were at the series' end with no definitive finale. However, the movie didn't disappoint me. It does put an ending on the FMA anime, wrapping up almost every loose end I could think of. Almost. They could probably manage at least one more movie based on a couple of unresolved details. Other than that.. < fangirl squealing > Ed was awesome! Al was awesome! Mustang was awesome! It made me happyhappy! < /fangirl squealing >

Obligatory Meme: Just an interesting little fanfiction meme I picked up in another LJ.

Click Here for Meme )

DDR Woes

Aug. 6th, 2005 11:44 am
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Mrr.. It's after 1:00 PM, and I'm still trying to wake up. Still recovering from last night, I think. First, [ profile] seekersks came over for dinner and brought his DDR pad and insisted I play. (Fear the horror that is me trying to play DDR.) Then, we watched anime until midnight, mostly a new one (for me) Seek brought called Heat Guy J. Then, I got online and found a wonderful little Author Alert in my mailbox letting me know that one of my favorite authors, Vathara, had written a new fanfic... with Inuyasha involved this time! How could I not stay up to 3:00 AM reading and re-reading it? So, yeah.

And, now... The movie meme I snatched from [ profile] ash_the_woof.

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Seeker and I are going to Otakon! Because he finally talked me into spending that much money.

And, another equally random comment is that after not having seen it in a while now, the movie Independence Day remains as awesome as ever. Ha, to whatever critic I read calling it a "hokey crowd-pleaser". Fine by me. Might deny the hokey personally, but I'm very pleased. And, it's making me want to ponder a pointless oneshot ID-4/SG-1 crossover fanfic. Back, plotbunnies and creativity demons! Back!

Though my ID-4 tape is getting a little ragged (too much love, I think). Hmm... After I get my credit card off life support from the Otakon expenses, I need to seek out a DVD.
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Website Updates: Working away on the update for the SWAT Kats Fan Art Archive. I've been noticing a trend in a lot of the recent submissions by new artists. They keep asking, "Can I join your site?" Eh???? I thought the rules were pretty clear - "Have SWAT Kat art rated no higher than PG-13, and you're good to go." Or is this question the result of sites like the ones I see so often in the Inuyasha fandom where art and fanfiction archives are "invitation only" or where you have to pass a review of some kind to get in? Yipes, there's too few of us Katsfans around to be that kinda picky!

Happy Chatter: Things are looking much better this week. My grandmother is home from the hospital, I have a new bike so I can take a stab at getting some exercise (now on a bike with tires that aren't dry-rotted - it rides so smooth!) and I'm slowly chipping away at my e-mail backlog.

The Fangirl Squealing I Promised: Yes... Mwahahaaaa! But, I'll put my prattle on the fourth Inuyasha movie behind a cut for the sake of sparing those who could care less... and in case I utter any spoilers.

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Okay, now I believe I have some things I promised to read and beta for both [ profile] ryokometal_75 and [ profile] a_chan007. And, since I have nothing to do here at the office... ::slinks off to get to work::
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Star Wars Episode III: Ahhhh... Finally saw Star Wars. And, I wasn't disappointed. It was good... intense and rather dark, but good. There were some parts where I had to look away... not so much afraid of seeing blood and gore, but mostly because I knew what was going to happen and I so badly didn't want it to happen. And, of course, it all had to happen. But, Seeker had warned me about that (he saw the movie last week, the lucky, evil boy). And, the rest is behind the cut.

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Random Personal Chatter: The other news of the day is that Discovery Channel is coming to the auction my boss is holding Saturday! (In case anyone didn't know, I work for an auction/real estate company.) They're doing a program on buying real estate, and they called last week about filming some of the auction. Sadly, I probably won't get to see any of it as I'll either be in the main office or out on the floor clerking the results of the antique and whatnot sales. The real estate will be auctioned in the back room. Still, it adds a nice little bit of excitement to things.
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Aiy, I think I'll probably be the last person I know (who is interested in it at all) to see Star Wars: Episode III. But, oh well. I hope to get to see it some time next week. In the meantime, I'll try not to drive Sage crazy with my Star Wars fixation.

And, at least last night I got to see two other awesome movies courtesy of Seeker, who brought them over.

First, Appleseed. Awesome movie. The computer animation was incredible... and I say that even though I'm not generally a fan of the look of computer animation used in animated movies (ie: where it's intended to look animated rather than the computer effects that live action films use). But, the cel-shaded characters helped... and looked quite nice most of the time. And, the storyline sucked me right in, so it was far from another "cool action/nice effects, don't study the plotline too closely" movie.

And, then the Naruto movie. I like the Naruto series, but wasn't sure what to think of the movie premise given most of the other movies I've seen based on anime series were kinda hit or miss. I was pleasantly surprised. The story was good - not blow you away good, but good. Easily, "I would enjoy seeing it again," good. And, after many episodes (except the most recent) featuring other characters in the series, it was nice that the movie truly was Naruto's movie... Well, nice for me as he's my favorite character in the series ;) So, yay!
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Website Updates: Well, hopefully by tomorrow evening, I'll have my computer back and be able to access my files again. That update I was working on for the Archive kinda got put on hold when my computer's processor fan died and things started overheating. I have worked on a couple new submissions (one thing about holding this update - it just keeps getting bigger and bigger) on the "new used" laptop Seek gave me, so I hope it won't take me long to finish up once my main computer is up and running again.

Random Fan Squealing: Just saw the latest trailer for Star Wars: Episode III. Man... The first two prequels left me a little disillusioned with the new movies (I wish to throw Episode II Anakin into a pit of rabid pixies), but this one... I think I'm hooked! It looks good so far. Though I keep wondering what kind of ending they'll put on it. Things will have to be rather bleak as it covers the creation of Darth Vader, the destruction of the Jedi, the rise of the Empire, etc. I know everything will work out eventually as the ending to the story has technically already been told, but still... I'm a happy ending freak - I want some kind of up-note on the end!

Project Updates: Obviously, I haven't been able to touch any of the pics I was working on digitally with my computer waiting on its new fan, but I've got a little something I promised CK that seems to be finally coming along. I've fumbled over two different ways to begin chapter six of Miscommunication and still haven't found anything I'm really happy with. It's supposed to be a rather lighthearted chapter, and I just can't seem to find the mood to write it properly. Gnar.

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