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And, [community profile] fandom_stocking is now over for the year. I didn't get as many gift!fics written as I'd have liked, but I got some amazing things in my stocking. Things like a wonderful post-anime Ao no/Blue Exorcist fanfic from [personal profile] jordannamorgan that touches on all my favorite topics - what happened post-anime, demon!Yukio, brotherly bonding, all the good stuff. Then, there was more Okumura twins bonding from [personal profile] bridgetmkennitt, a cute little Fullmetal Alchemist ficlet from [personal profile] vexed_wench, a sweet Inuyasha ficlet with Sesshoumaru and Rin from [personal profile] kiramaru7, well wishes, lots of gorgeous horse and tortie cat images, and a bonus book recommendation from [personal profile] evil_little_dog.

Oh, and there was some extra holiday fun when my brother brought over a belated Christmas present to share: a selection of Japanese KitKat flavors. The citrus and dark/cocoa ones were my favorites.
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And, my first [community profile] fandom_stocking is over. I wish I had been able to contribute more than three short fics (two of them drabbles), but I had to fight writer's block every step of the way. Despite that, it was fun.

My own stocking was pleasantly full at the end with well wishes, two cute FMA drabbles from [personal profile] yhlee and [personal profile] evil_little_dog, and [personal profile] jordannamorgan's lovely Winter Wonderland. Oh, and there were cute tortie cat images too! Because torties are the best cats. *accepts headbutt bribe from the resident tortie, Mo*

So, yes, now I'll be posting my Fandom Stocking efforts and then moving on to both the SWAT Kat Fanfiction Archive and SWAT Kat Fan Art Page, which are in need of updates.
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So, my brother brought over his new 18 megapixel camera. Obviously, trying to help my cat achieve internet stardom was the most intelligent thing we could find to do with it. So, yes, behold the Mo Boogie.
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Merry Belated Christmas and an advance Happy New Year!

Aiy! I really did mean to make a Christmas post, but things were a bit hectic here. It wasn't a bad Christmas, but it was a little subdued with our recent string of problems (particularly car trouble like whoa) and then the loss of our nearly twenty year old cat, Jenny. She was born in our garage in 1991 and outlived her brother, Brave, by eleven years (almost to the day). We're going to miss our little one.

Aside from that, there were far too many desserts, my little second cousin turned two, I got a lot of FMA stuff to squee over and [ profile] seekersks got me the awesome new desk chair I'm currently enjoying. To fully explain the awesomeness of the chair I'll note that it's got nice thick pads for the seat and back while its predecessor was a wooden kitchen chair. And, it makes a great reading chair too.

Additionally, I managed to finish my annual SWAT Kat Christmas pic and actually updated Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery. Mostly with things that were already posted here over the last year, but they've all been permanently archived on the site now (sketches, drabbles, icons, fanfic recommendations, etc.). Although, looking at the additions to my non-SK fanfiction over the last year or so, I'm starting to think I may need to re-consider about making a small FMA site...
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Late Thanksgiving, but I just wanted to post this. Look what was in our yard Friday! No, this is not a normal occurrence. Personally, I think they were on the run. We saw them again over the weekend and several times this week. Not surprisingly, they were nowhere to be seen today. And, check out the gray blob over on the right. You can see the blob better in this shot. Still on the right. (Sorry for the odd stuff in that one - I took it through a window and got reflections.) Flash thought she was going to catch an early Thanksgiving dinner. Flash is crazy.
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Kittens: I finally have new photos of the kittens! Or, well, not-so-kittens now. Not the best photos as I'm not the best photographer, and the kittens weren't helping me. They refused to be still and insisted on coming right up in the camera to check it out everytime I tried to get down on their level. But, anyways:

The Beginning - So, this is where they started. Just a bunch of blue-eyed fuzzballs.

Kittenhood - Then, they got a little bigger.

And, now they're what my Dad always called "three quarter cats" - Flash and Mo.

*sniffle* My babies are getting all grown up!
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Website Updates: And, the SWAT Kats Fan Art Archive is updated! Actually, I first updated it once and then realized the next day that I'd missed a couple submissions that came to my other e-mail address. But, everything's up now.

Personal Chatter: And, in other news, I need to get my kittens spayed and out of the house. They have decided to protest their confinement in the bathroom by taking the wallpaper hostage. Negotiations have broken down to the point that they're sending the hostages out in pieces. I also need to take more pictures of my kittens. Because they're very cute, even when they're maiming things.

No, Mo

Apr. 9th, 2006 10:44 pm
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Remember my crab ad from the last post? I've decided it fits my little Mo kitten perfectly.

[Kris] So, you like it here with the other kittens?
[Mo] Yes... I bite.
[Kris] It's pretty cool playing with you guys. Pulling the string, snuggling.
[Mo] I want to bite. ::edges closer::
[Kris] Hey, not so close. I don't want to get bitten.
[Mo] Why no bite?
[Kris] 'Cause it hurts.
[Mo] Maybe little bite?
[Kris] Y'know, Mom's suggested I fill a squirt bottle with water and bring it up, so...
[Mo] ::scurries back:: No bite, no bite, no bite.

Of course, with Mo, it's not over so easily.

::three seconds later::
[Mo] ::comes back:: I bite.
[Kris] I spank.
[Mo] I bite quick! ::pounce!::
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The Kitties: Yes, here are some more photos of the kittens.

Future (Feline) Inmates of America - Mo and the gray kitten that we've dubbed Flash together with their siblings whom you can't see in the cat carrier, waiting for me to finish cleaning up their bathroom.

Playful Mo - Mo in full playfighting mode. We have decided it's a good thing she's named Mo. It goes well with "no". As in, "No, Mo." And, "No mo' biting," and, "No mo' clawing".

Zorro - And, here's our baby, Zorro. She's still only half the size of the other kittens, but she doubled her weight over the week we had her on antibiotics. The vet was pleased, and so am I. I think she'll be fine. She's definitely gotten fiesty.

The Muppet - And, finally a good photo of the kittens' mother, the Muppet. Aka "Muppers". Aka "Mup-mup". Aka "Miss Muppet".

And, I don't have a good new photo of our little orange kitten, but we're calling him Tribble now because he makes a sound (scroll down for sounds, listed alphabetically) like a tribble.

The Silly: Well, Sage is always posting silly links. So, here's mine: click for the crab video!

And, yes, next post I'll try and have some regular art/fic content. Once my main computer has its new fan and is up and running again.
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Website Updates: Well, I got on a link checking kick last night and I can now safely say that all of the links for Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery and Gone to the Dogs have been checked and updated. Man, seems like my Inuyasha links are forever going defunct.

Personal Chatter: And now, for the kitten photos I promised.

The Timid One - Our shy little orange tabby. I wanted to name it T-Bone, but we're not sure yet of any of the kittens' genders, and it's much too shy to be a T-Bone.

Zorro - Our little sickly kitten (who seems to be doing well). It's mostly black with a white muzzle. My mother commented that it looked like it had a mask. Thus, it's Zorro.

The Gray One - Our gray kitten who we're yet to think of a good name for.

Mo and Zorro - And, here's Zorro again with Mo. "Mo" is short for "Mohawk", which is what the little brown streak on its head looks like. Not a good shot of Mo really since its head is down, but I ran out of battery power for the flash before I could get a good one. Mo also has what looks like a goatee - a little black spot just below its bottom lip.

The Muppet - The kitten's mother, whom I call "the Muppet". This is because when she opens her mouth to meow, it's like half her head is opening, which makes me think of a muppet. Sorry for the truly horrible photo. This is one of the few I tried to take after I lost the flash. I'll try and make a better one later.
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A Quick Summation of What I'm Up to:

* I'm an auntie! Well, sort of. Two weeks ago, the stray cat we've been taking care of (tentatively dubbed "the Muppet") had kittens. I just saw them for the first time this week, and they're adorable. Four in all and all different colors. Unfortunately, the littlest has a bad infection, and the vet has warned me that it may not make it. But, we've got the little one on antibiotics, and it's strong enough to protest taking its medicine, so that's a good sign.

* Unfortunately, her over-protective mother instincts led the Muppet to instigate all-out war with my fifteen year old kitty, Jenny. After the fur (very literally) stopped flying, the Muppet and family have ultimately ended up in our unused bathroom (since Seeker's unique take on plumbing rendered the shower controls somewhat unreliable a few years ago). This has its good and bad points, but at least the kitty warfare has ended.

* Yes, CK, I will post pictures of the kittens just as soon as I can get Seek or my aunt to loan me a digital camera... because, you know, I really am obsessed with my cats.

* Ahahahaa! I wore green today, so the Bosslady can't get me!

* I have chapter 6 of my Inuyasha AU, "Miscommunication", thiiiis close to being complete. Though I do need to go back and edit some early portions of it because I utterly forgot that Miroku was supposed to be injured when he was introduced.

* I'm also working on an update for the SWAT Kat Fanfiction Archive.

* LJ let me have more icons, so I have new icons. Behold the niftyness!

* If anyone has any good ideas for SWAT Kat icons that I could use, I'm open to suggestions. Any particular scenes need an icon? Any particular phrases/themes anyone would like?

* Additionally, I've been working on some T-Bone icons that I mean to post to the SK community soonish since Chance/T-Bone is this month's featured character.

* Oh, and [ profile] seekersks and I are definitely going to Otakon!

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