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Yes, this really is an Inuyasha fanfic post after all these years! I started this years ago, but dug it back out and completed it properly for [personal profile] luxken27 for [community profile] fandom_stocking. Anyway, here's a short fic set just a bit after Miroku proposed to Sango where Miroku starts pondering the future and Inuyasha gets dragged along for the ride.

Looking Ahead (Inuyasha) )
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And, another [community profile] fandom_stocking is over. I wanted to do a bit more this year, but it just wouldn't come together. Still, I completed a oneshot, another installment in my dragon!Royverse, and two drabbles, all of which I'll be posting over the next few days.

My own stocking was a little bag of happiness. I got a lot of well wishes, gorgeous photo links, Inuyasha fanart, and two lovely fanfic gifts.

First, Wardrobe Adjustment by [personal profile] jordannamorgan, a wonderful Ao no/Blue Exorcist fic featuring all my favorite things - demon!Yukio, anime follow-up, sibling shenanigans, and awesome friendship feels between the twins and Shiemi.

Then, there were even more family/friendship feels plus wintry goodness in First Snow by [personal profile] evil_little_dog, a sweet FMA fic with Ed, Al, and Winry enjoying Al's first snowfall after regaining his body.

Thanks so much to everyone!
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And, [community profile] fandom_stocking is now over for the year. I didn't get as many gift!fics written as I'd have liked, but I got some amazing things in my stocking. Things like a wonderful post-anime Ao no/Blue Exorcist fanfic from [personal profile] jordannamorgan that touches on all my favorite topics - what happened post-anime, demon!Yukio, brotherly bonding, all the good stuff. Then, there was more Okumura twins bonding from [personal profile] bridgetmkennitt, a cute little Fullmetal Alchemist ficlet from [personal profile] vexed_wench, a sweet Inuyasha ficlet with Sesshoumaru and Rin from [personal profile] kiramaru7, well wishes, lots of gorgeous horse and tortie cat images, and a bonus book recommendation from [personal profile] evil_little_dog.

Oh, and there was some extra holiday fun when my brother brought over a belated Christmas present to share: a selection of Japanese KitKat flavors. The citrus and dark/cocoa ones were my favorites.
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So, I'm just going to fangirl here for a bit because awesome fannish things have happened lately.

First, I finally collected all of the Inuyasha manga. Yes, all 56 volumes. In celebration, I gathered together my anime/manga collection once more just because. It's - gotten - a bit - larger - since - last - time. Mostly with manga. I've really been collecting manga lately.

Then, [personal profile] jordannamorgan sent me these awesome little guys she found at Anime Day.

Finally, as the icing on the cake, I was pointed to this fan comic of my old SWAT Kat fanfic "Nuke It!" And, the artist has expressed interest in doing a full-length project with part of mine and [ profile] mintysage's "They That Walk in Darkness" series.

...I'll just be over here making embarrassing squeeing sounds, okay?
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The SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive has been pretty active lately. This month, there's the start of a new story, plus updates for two more older ones. It's always nice to be able to check a story "in-progress" instead of "unfinished".

And, my bit of squee is the very belated realization that a new, stand-alone chapter of Inuyasha (often listed as chapter 559) was published last year. Apparently, it was made as part of a project called "Hero's Comeback" where the publisher releases new content from various retired series. I approve of this idea!

The chapter was a lot of fun. Nothing mind-blowing being just a short adventure, but it was great to see old favorites again. Especially since Takahashi worked in a moment for everyone. The best parts were definitely Kohaku's reaction when Sango handed off babysitting duties so she could join the fight, Sesshoumaru wordlessly showing up to protect Rin... while ignoring everyone else, and Kaede getting to show off her skills.

(Now, if Takahashi could have just left out the tired old "joke" of Inuyasha and Kagome fighting over something related to Kikyou. Kikyou's dead twice over, and the gag needs to die with her.)

Also, it's somewhat weird to me that I now have a "Rin" in two fandoms... and one's a little girl while the other is a teenage boy.
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::points to her icon:: It did, in fact, snow today! It didn't amount to anything, but it was lovely to see all the same. One last taste of winter before the miserable heat comes. (Yes, [ profile] mintysage, I know my brain is broken. If I thought I could do your job, I'd trade places with you. But, I can't count.)

In website news, I finally remembered that I had an Inuyasha site and posted my most recent drabbles along with doing a little housekeeping. My next project is the SWAT Kat Fanfiction Archive.
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And, posting the second older drabble I've touched up. This one was just hanging around without an ending. I finished it, but I feel like it's still just... random thoughts on the characters, re-hashing what all fans of the show know anyway. But, [ profile] mintysage thought it was post-worthy.

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Blargh! I've spent the last few days half out of it thanks to allergies and such, but I think I'm finally winning. That or there's a lull in the pollen. But, I can work with that!

The allergy energy drain has made for very unproductive days, but I have gotten some sketching done. Mostly attempting to illustrate this little scene from [ profile] jordannamorgan's fanfic Family. Please, please feel free to point out all eleventy billion things wrong with it. Al is slowly driving me to distraction since I know there's something wrong, just not exactly what. And, something weird is going on with the angles of Ed's book, but I can probably badger someone into holding a book for me.

And, of course, I finished "Inuyasha: The Final Act". And, the finale was everything I wanted. More fangirl babble behind the cut... )
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Ah, it's that time again. [ profile] seekersks and I have once again signed up for Otakon! Sadly, this year it's at the end of July, which means waiting to pick up our badges on Thursday afternoon will probably be like standing inside an oven. Ah, well. As is the norm for this early in the game, there aren't a lot of guests or events officially announced just yet. But, I see that "Jordanna's Ed", Vic Mignogna, is already on the guest list. Shame there's nothing in the FMA:B soundtrack to cajole him into singing (and why couldn't "Bratja/Brothers" be re-used in FMA:B? Or a new ballad for the brothers?). But, maybe he'll have some funny stories from the recording process.

In other fangirly news, FMA:B is moving into the final battle. Episode 50 just made me want to stand up and cheer as some familiar faces showed up again after a long absence and we began the prelude to some really awesome action. Yes, I know from the manga things are going to go south soon, but the tide is already turning in the most recent manga chapter, so I'm just going to enjoy the ride.

And, my plans for tonight are to sit down with the final three episodes of Inuyasha. Yes, I stopped watching it weekly so I could see the end all at once. "Final Act" has improved in leaps and bounds since its rocky beginning, so I expect to be a very happy fangirl by the end. But, a sad one too. Because this is it. The manga has ended, now the anime adaptation will have ended. ::sniffle:: No more Inuyasha. Hmm... I wonder if they've considered doing another movie. ....What? The fangirl needs more of her fix.
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And, another Inuyasha drabble. Inspired by last week's Inuyasha: The Final Act, episode 19.

Impetus (Inuyasha) )

I'm still debating the title. Maybe "Whisper" instead?
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Augh! It's been too long since I did something for Inuyasha. So, here's a random little drabble set in one of those alternate universes where the Inuyasha cast all lives in modern times. There's no explanation for it beyond that pieces of the dialogue popped into my head one day.

Numbers (Inuyasha) )
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Website Updates: ARGH! I was supposed to post this here weeks ago and kept alternately forgetting or putting it off. At any rate, the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive was updated back on the 8th.

Fangirling: --Warning - Spoilers-- Well, my initial disappointment with "Inuyasha: The Final Act" has faded. It took the series several episodes, but it finally hit its stride. I'm sad that I'll never see parts of the manga animated (and I liked those sword upgrade chapters too), but the show has developed a good balance between cutting what really didn't significantly advance the plot and giving proper attention to the parts that do. The Shippou episode was as hilarious as I remembered, and this past week's adaptation of Kikyou's death was perfect. I even sniffled. And, kudos to whoever decided to pull out the string arrangement of "Dearest". I was expecting Kikyou's theme, and we got that too, but... "Dearest" makes me sniffle all by itself.

And then, there's "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood", which, as might have been obvious, has me completely hooked. Episodes 19 and 26 were made of absolute win. And, now... Finally! The Briggs arc, one of my favorites from the manga!

Lastly, "Nurarihyon no Mago" gets an anime! I've been following this manga for almost a year now and enjoying it as my "substitute Inuyasha", so I can't wait to see it animated.
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Well, I saw the first episode of "Inuyasha: The Final Act" tonight... and then I had to go and re-read the twelve chapters worth of the manga that it blitzed through on fast forward. I.... uhm... the animation was nice, and it was great to see everyone again and hear the old, familiar voice cast. But... but... I had little idea what was going on. The story picks up almost immediately where the original series left off (aside from the cutting of one short, self-contained storyline from the manga)... only it does so years after the end of the first series and years after I read the relevant chapters of the manga. A recap would have been nice, but... most of all, I just wished they hadn't put the plot on fast forward.

Maybe next week they'll at least slow down enough that it will make sense and characters won't seem to arbitrarily teleport into the scene as the plot demands and equally arbitrarily change their minds with no explanations. Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

Ah well... at least it got me re-reading the manga, and the corresponding chapters were wholly enjoyable where the show... wasn't.
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Fangirling: FINALLY!!!! YES! YES! YES! And, it's pathetic it took me so long to get the news... I wonder if it came up at that con panel I missed? Ah well... Anyways, YES!
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Website Updates: At long last I've updated my Inuyasha website, Gone to the Dogs! I've posted one new-ish sketch (okay, I've posted it to the LJ before, but it has been tweaked) and the revised second chapter of "The More Things Change..." One largish passage has been added since I posted the rough draft here. Additionally, I've added a couple of drabbles that had previously been posted here. Yes, most everything generally does get put up here on LJ first.
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I apparently started this drabble months ago and forgot it. I found it again tonight, gave it the final tweaking it needed, and here it is. It's set during the final chapter of the manga, but doesn't offer any major, major spoilers. I may change the title if/when I think of something better.

Birth - Inuyasha )
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Well, here's one more chapter of this one. Though I feel like it's rather rough at this stage. I've been trying to write this one in a simpler style than the one I've been using for "Miscommunication" in the hopes that it would help me write faster. But, I'm not sure I like it. It almost feels too stripped down. Any comments or criticisms would be welcome.

The More Things Change, Chapter 2 )

Again, any comments and criticisms would be greatly appreciated. I'm not at all confident in my Sesshoumaru characterization. I feel like he might be behaving in ways that are less true to character and more just a matter of making it easier on me plot-wise. Suggestions to help correct that would be welcome.
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Wow... It's hard for me to believe that Inuyasha (the manga) has really ended. I don't think I've ever followed anything that managed to last so long. And, I missed the first several years of Inuyasha's run. I just came in in 2001 and had to catch up. Still, it's been a great ride, and I'll miss my weekly Inuyasha fix. Anyways, comments on the finale will be behind the cut. First, in honor of the end of Inuyasha, an Inuyasha sketch post:

Catch - Inuyasha catches Kagome as she trips. Edit: I made some changes to this one and reposted a corrected copy.

Smile - I think this was originally supposed to be another sketch based on "After the Bone Eater's Well" of Six, one of Inuyasha's clones. After all, how often does Inuyasha smile like that? Still, it's cute.

Grip - Inuyasha in modern dress catches himself after being blasted back.

Delivery - From an idea that might eventually become an AU fanfic. Miroku and Sango encounter some trouble while trying to return a lost sword. I like the style I used here, but I can't quite seem to get Sango right.

Inuyasha Finale Comments - May contain some spoilers )
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Website Updates: Finally got my Inuyasha page, Gone to the Dogs, updated yesterday! I posted one new finished pic and some new sketches.

And, it's about time for the updating cycle to start again with updates for the SK fanfic and fanart archives.
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Well, here's something a little different. I have a writer's block story that I've been turning to when I've been stuck on Miscommunication, and I've finally completed the first chapter of it. With "Miscomm" and Doubletake still in the works, I don't want to have yet another multi-chapter story going. So, I think I'll post this one here in a sort of rough draft, don't-expect-regular-updates... even-by-Kris-standards form. Once it's complete, I'll clean it up for posting to FFN. That said, any comments or corrections are always appreciated.

So, anyways, here's an Inuyasha "what if?" fanfic I'm calling "The More Things Change..." Oh, and it's not Sess/Kag.

The More Things Change )

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