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::points to her icon:: It did, in fact, snow today! It didn't amount to anything, but it was lovely to see all the same. One last taste of winter before the miserable heat comes. (Yes, [ profile] mintysage, I know my brain is broken. If I thought I could do your job, I'd trade places with you. But, I can't count.)

In website news, I finally remembered that I had an Inuyasha site and posted my most recent drabbles along with doing a little housekeeping. My next project is the SWAT Kat Fanfiction Archive.
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Website Updates: At long last I've updated my Inuyasha website, Gone to the Dogs! I've posted one new-ish sketch (okay, I've posted it to the LJ before, but it has been tweaked) and the revised second chapter of "The More Things Change..." One largish passage has been added since I posted the rough draft here. Additionally, I've added a couple of drabbles that had previously been posted here. Yes, most everything generally does get put up here on LJ first.
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Website Updates: Finally got my Inuyasha page, Gone to the Dogs, updated yesterday! I posted one new finished pic and some new sketches.

And, it's about time for the updating cycle to start again with updates for the SK fanfic and fanart archives.
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Project/Website Updates: Finally got the next chapter of my ongoing Inuyasha fanfic Miscommunication completed! And, this time, it hasn't been... well, not quite a full year anyway! I also updated my Inuyasha site Gone to the Dogs, but the update just consists of the fanfic posting ;)

And, I've also changed the journal theme again to a fall look. It's not quite what I was looking for, but it's pretty.
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Website Updates: And, my Inuyasha site Gone to the Dogs is updated! I posted my latest drabble and a couple new icons as well as the banner for being Inuyasha - Karma's Site of the Month for May. I also took some of the lovely suggestions from the review I got with the Site of the Month pick and converted the site over to PHP along with some general cleaning up.

::beat:: And, now the website update cycle starts anew. Oh, well... Keeps me from ever getting bored.
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Website Updates: Well, over a week ago (2/19/07), I updated my Inuyasha site Gone to the Dogs. I posted my latest drabbles as well as one new colored pic I'd done.

Currently, I'm working on another update for the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive. Sorry it's a little late. I got a freelance webpage job, and it's had me busy for the last week. But, I'm working on the update now as well as tackling my e-mail backlog.
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Website Updates: And, the SWAT Kats Fan Art Archive is updated! Just a little update.

Additionally, I've updated my Inuyasha site, Gone to the Dogs. It's nothing I haven't posted here - just added my new drabbles.

The SKFFA should be seeing an update soon too. Sorry it's been delayed, but I've only had one submission for the longest time. I was about to put it up alone, but it recently got some company ;)

And, hey, new LJ layout! Not sure if I'm going to keep this one or not. We'll see.
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Website Updates: Gave Gone to the Dogs a quick update the other night. Just one new pic and some sketches that I'd previously posted here. The new pic is my ear-rubbing pic that I started aaaages ago. I'm not too fond of my drawing in it now, but I learned a few things in Painter in the process of coloring it.

Project Updates: More drabbles. Inuyasha ones this time. Firstly: Cheating (Inuyasha) )

And then... something that isn't even a drabble. I actually managed to write a half drabble (50 word fic). It hardly seems worth it... but Sage got the joke: Present (Inuyasha) )
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Website Updates: Updated Gone to the Dogs last week (and tried to post this message three times before only to find LJ in read-only mode) with two new pics - one finished, one sketch - and some new links. And, I'm working on that promised update for the SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive. Just a few more things to do.

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