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This is a completely random Fusionverse drabble that started with a passing thought of how the Elrics could help the Okumura twins and bloomed into Ed rambling.

Ignored (FMA/AnE Fusion) )
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After peeking at the raw/untranslated version of Ao no/Blue Exorcist Chapter 77, I couldn't help cackling. It's like the story's come full circle back to the brothers' first mission together. And, Rin still isn't fond of Yukio's tactics ;)

My spoilertastic thoughts on the translated chapter are behind the cut. )

And, while I'm fangirling, Shonen Jump posted an epic AnE cosplay with a pair of real life twins. They even have an adorable little black and white cat!

As is obvious, yes, I'm not dead. Life has just been a bit weird lately. But, I have made a few scrap posts as well as posting the proper opening to my FMA/AnE Fusionverse over on Mindtwins.
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This is a random bit of nonsense I wrote set in some form of Fullmetal Alchemist/Blue Exorcist fusionverse. Ed and Rin have a talk about little brothers and the laws of the universe.

Laws of the Universe (FMA/AnE Fusion) )
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Okay, just one more drabble that was sitting around, waiting for me to declare it good to go. Though this is an odd one as it's set in a Fullmetal Alchemist/Blue Exorcist fusionverse. And, despite that, it's less an exploration of the setting and more just an exploration of Rin.

Resemblance (Fullmetal Alchemist/Blue Exorcist fusion) )

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