Creators Revealed

Sep. 17th, 2017 04:44 pm
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Creators have been revealed! We have 61 works in the collection this year.

Due to the series of unfortunate events that happened to me this year, I'm considering finding a co-mod to step in if necessary next year. If that's happening, a post will go up on the comm some time before nominations.

Many thanks to [personal profile] fandomgiftboxmods , who volunteered to help out while I was sick and without whom I would have been in trouble.

If you have any concerns/issues/comments, you can bring them up on this post or email me at 

2017 Trick Or Treat Exchange Letter

Sep. 13th, 2001 02:34 am
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Hello! This is my letter for [community profile] trickortreatex 2017. I hope you find something here that will be enjoyable to work with. Thank you and good luck!

Letter below the cut. Thank you, dear author! )

So there you have it, dear author/artist. Thank you in advance for whatever you create for me!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Cryptic

Sep. 10th, 2017 09:02 pm
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Title: Cryptic
Author: [personal profile] jordannamorgan
Archive Rights: Please request the author’s consent.
Rating/Warnings: G.
Characters: Havoc, Breda, Alphonse.
Setting: General.
Summary: Secret codes are kind of a big thing with alchemists.
Disclaimer: They belong to Hiromu Arakawa. I’m just playing with them.
Notes: Written for the prompt word “Messenger” at [community profile] fan_flashworks, with inspiration from the challenge’s discussion thread.

On a very normal afternoon, Lieutenants Havoc and Breda had lunch together, as usual. )

Works Have Been Revealed!

Sep. 10th, 2017 04:28 pm
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Works have been revealed.


Please tell me ASAP if something has gone wrong. Also, please don't reveal who you've written/drawn for until creator reveals.

Happy browsing!

(no subject)

Sep. 10th, 2017 04:13 pm
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Reveals will be happening in about 17 minutes. Countdown.

Reveal Times

Sep. 9th, 2017 10:20 pm
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 I'm back, kind of. (Still not well, but the IV thingamajig is out of my hand so I can function.) All pinch hits are in; reveals will be happening as scheduled. Many thanks to[personal profile] fandomgiftboxmods for their help!

Countdown to reveals. (Which will be happening at 23:59 Pago Pago time, -11 UTC, on the 9th.)

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