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So, Ao no/Blue Exorcist's Kyoto Arc was amazing. All the way through. And, even though I'm a bit sad that the inclusion of the Rin and Yukio dialogue from the Kraken Arc likely means we'll never see that animated, it was at least expertly done and flowed naturally off the Kyoto events. Though I hope they find a way to work Shiemi's awesome moments in somewhere else in the future. With Rin and Yukio covered, her role is the only real loss with the Kraken Arc.

At any rate, the amazingness of the animated Kyoto Arc inspired icons:

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So, there's suddenly a lot going on in SK fandom! Including, right now, a live stream featuring the SWAT Kats' creators and series writer Lance Falk answering some fan questions and whatnot. You can find the recording of the live stream here and here.
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And, now for some slightly belated fangirling over things I've watched recently:

How can there be only two episodes of Ao no/Blue Exorcist's Kyoto Saga left?! Nooooo! I don't want it to be over yet. It's been such an incredible ride. I loved this arc in the manga, and I love it even more animated.

The last few episodes in particular have been amazing. And, not just because they touched on favorite moments like Yukio's brief display of demon powers and Rin and Suguro cementing their Vitriolic Best Buds status before Rin finally unlocked his sword and awesome happened. (Though those were a treat. Seriously, there's so much win right here.) But, even moments that never really stood out for me in the manga have been given new life through the voice-acting, the music, and the fantastic animation. Toudo dueling Juuzou's squad is a special highlight. That glorious full-body fight animation!

Please, please let this season be a hit so we can get more!

And, in a complete change of pace, I've been re-watching SWAT Kats with [ profile] mintysage. Not all of my old favorites have stood the test of time, but SWAT Kats does. Maybe some of the first season animation is a little... off, but then episodes like "The PastMaster Always Rings Twice" and "Night of the Dark Kat" make up for it. Storywise, each episode still sucks me right in, and it's fun to see it all over again with fresh eyes after putting it away for a few years.
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First update of 2017 for the SWAT Kat Fanfic Archive! It's a small one with just two oneshots, but there you go.

Also, while I'm making SWAT Kat chatter, I'd completely forgotten to mention, but the ever-amazing [ profile] modad sent me a copy of the rumored SWAT Kat poster. In reality, it's a two page spread from the Daily Variety trade magazine, which was published in an over-sized format. It's about the size of the small posters you used to find in magazines or some of the anime posters I've received with DVD's, but it's not a true poster. All the same, it's a fascinating little piece of SWAT Kat history. Many thanks to [ profile] modad!
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Just a random "Ao no/Blue Exorcist" drabble I've been poking at ever since seeing a certain moment animated in the Kyoto Saga. So, this references the Kyoto/Impure King Arc, but is set post-Illuminati Arc.

Uncool (Ao no/Blue Exorcist) )
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This is a completely random Fusionverse drabble that started with a passing thought of how the Elrics could help the Okumura twins and bloomed into Ed rambling.

Ignored (FMA/AnE Fusion) )
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And, another [community profile] fandom_stocking entry, this one for [personal profile] evil_little_dog. It doesn't quite fit into the dragon!Royverse, but it's definitely inspired by my musings on how to fit Winry and her profession into that world.

Innate (Fullmetal Alchemist) )
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Yes, this really is an Inuyasha fanfic post after all these years! I started this years ago, but dug it back out and completed it properly for [personal profile] luxken27 for [community profile] fandom_stocking. Anyway, here's a short fic set just a bit after Miroku proposed to Sango where Miroku starts pondering the future and Inuyasha gets dragged along for the ride.

Looking Ahead (Inuyasha) )
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The animated Kyoto/Impure King Arc has started, and it's amazing! Okay, so it's a slow start, but it's nice to see that, with only twelve episodes, they're not rushing. Episode 2 was nothing but character establishment and development, and it gave me all the feels. Special love for the hilarity of Rin's drunken conversation with a panicked Shima.

Also, I can't help wondering if even the official subtitlers are making jokes about how Takara is always just there without contributing anything. (At least, not until much later anyway.) Because when Shura divides the kids up in episode 2, she clearly says his name... but it's not in the subtitles. I laughed at that probably more than I should have.

Simultaneously, the manga has been dropping bombshell after bombshell about the Order's past activities and the origins of the demon kings... while dropping only hints toward the answers we're all waiting for regarding the Okumura twins' birth. Evil, clever Kato.

Spoilery comments behind the cut )

And, all the AnE joy lately has inspired icons:

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So, firstly, yes, there is more dragon!Royverse! ...I'm starting to worry about the setting/world-building a bit. Obviously, I've been leaning heavily on stereotypical Ye Olde Medieval Fantasy. But, this is FMA, so I feel like some medieval steampunk is required. And, canon, FMA's technological timeline is a little weird. ...Things I need to sort out. But, for now, fic!

Third Vane: Allies )
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And, another [community profile] fandom_stocking is over. I wanted to do a bit more this year, but it just wouldn't come together. Still, I completed a oneshot, another installment in my dragon!Royverse, and two drabbles, all of which I'll be posting over the next few days.

My own stocking was a little bag of happiness. I got a lot of well wishes, gorgeous photo links, Inuyasha fanart, and two lovely fanfic gifts.

First, Wardrobe Adjustment by [personal profile] jordannamorgan, a wonderful Ao no/Blue Exorcist fic featuring all my favorite things - demon!Yukio, anime follow-up, sibling shenanigans, and awesome friendship feels between the twins and Shiemi.

Then, there were even more family/friendship feels plus wintry goodness in First Snow by [personal profile] evil_little_dog, a sweet FMA fic with Ed, Al, and Winry enjoying Al's first snowfall after regaining his body.

Thanks so much to everyone!
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Just a little drabble for the Okumura twins' birthday, which I've decided to make my official Ao no/Blue Exorcist Day. As often happens, the name may change if I think of something better.

Makeshift (Ao no/Blue Exorcist) )
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*flop* And, my yearly Christmas image is done. It's a fairly simple one, so I have no idea why finishing it was like pulling teeth.

Now, on to [community profile] fandom_stocking!

Otherwise, it's been a great Christmas. I got to see the family, visited some friends, started my littlest cousin on model horse collecting (mwahaha), and even got an extra day off work. Gift-wise, I'm absolutely rolling in movies to re-watch now that I either finally own them or finally own them on DVD: Guardians of the Galaxy, Miracle of the White Stallions, Newsies, the 90's TMNT movies, Anastasia, and the anime Baccano!. Plus some manga, fuzzy socks, fuzzy shirts, and an adorable children's book I requested for... research purposes... yeah, interest in illustration and all that, you know. (Plus, I'm amused that the main character is named Yukio.)
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So, every year, I pounce on the holiday peppermint like a starving wolverine. Because I love mint, and they're stingy with it the rest of the year. But, this year, it might have hit new heights of peppermint happy.

...I might have also had a couple peppermint shakes from Chick-Fil-A and the peppermint pancakes from IHOP.
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I'm supposed to be working on Christmasy things! Or at least things for [community profile] fandom_stocking! But, I happened to listen to "Battle Cry" by Imagine Dragons from the fourth Transformers movie (actually, a good movie after the disappointments of 2 and 3, but that's another matter). And, it reminded me of this snippet I'd written, so I polished it off, and here it is. This is not a complete story. It's a snatch of an idea that I may or may not ever explore further.

Inheritance (Ao no/Blue Exorcist) )
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So, yes! The SWAT Kat Fanfiction Archive has been updated! There's one new story and new chapters for four others. Also, as you may notice, the site has been fully re-designed and re-uploaded as well. So, please let me know if you find any problems or anything missing.
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Yes, the SWAT Kat Fan Art Page really is seeing another update so soon after the last one! This time, there's seven new pieces from Kooshmeister, who is new to the Fan Art Page but a longtime fan.

And, after undergoing a bit of an overhaul, the SWAT Kat Fanfiction Archive should be seeing an update soon as well.

And, yes, I'm also busily working on my yearly Christmas image. So long as some hard-to-draw hands work with me, it should be done on time. (When did I get used to drawing five fingers instead of four?! ...Wait, that's probably a good thing. Right?)
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Yes, there is more dragon!Roy. It seems this thing is wanting more and more to become a proper story. But, I'm going to keep writing it in shorts because that seems to keep me from going into the sort of, "This is a serious story now!" panic that freezes me up.

So, this time there are two parts. And, yes, some much-anticipated characters finally appear.

Interlude: Unravelling )

Second Vane: Other Resources )
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I've been fighting with this one for a couple weeks, and I'm still not sure if it's complete. I like the current wording, but does it need more? Do I need to spell out the idea more clearly? Any thoughts would be welcomed.

Lessons (Ao no/Blue Exorcist) )
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This is just a random post to squee over some animated shorts I've found either recently or ages ago and recently re-watched.

Duet - From animtor Glen Keane. The sketchy style of this - and, of course, the gloriously fluid animation - just gives me a huge art squee.

Out of Sight - This is an art school graduate project, and, while the character designs aren't to my taste, I appreciate the children's book style and watercolor look. Most of all, I really love the imagination behind it.

Prosthetic Leg Moses - At least that's the title when crudely translated by Google. A cute little short wherein a ghost girl and a pair of apparently haunted shoes do their own rendition of "Moses Supposes" from "Singing in the Rain".

Shelter - The most recent one in the bunch with the most elaborate animation as it comes courtesy A-1 Pictures. The character designs are a bit uninspired, but the scenery is exquisite and the story (like all of these, told primarily through imagery) is interesting. ...Though it makes me sniffle.

Poulette's Chair - [ profile] mintysage reminded me of this one. There's something very Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki about this one with its sense of wonder balanced against quiet, daily life scenes.

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