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Yet another SWAT Kat drabble inspired by re-watching the series.


Ulysses Feral eyed the huge “Vote Manx!” banner plastered across the building opposite his office and wondered whether he was more disgusted or bemused. Eleven terms in office, and the idiot still hadn’t caught on.

Admittedly, Manx’s first few terms had been normal enough. Before the supervillains showed up with their eyes fixed on City Hall.

Things had changed since then.

Smart politicians aimed for the city council or other positions out of the public eye. No one aimed for City Hall.

But, Manx didn’t seem to notice. He still campaigned every term as though he actually had an opponent.


Notes: Seriously, who was Manx running against in "The Ghost Pilot"???

Date: 2017-06-28 04:20 pm (UTC)
jordannamorgan: Conan Edogawa, "Case Closed/Detective Conan". (Conan Mystery)
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It would have been interesting to see Feral go for the job of mayor. Maybe he would if he decided it was the only way to force changes he thought could finally get rid of the supercriminals and monsters. (...And I *could* see his idea of a strong-enough crime crackdown ending up negative for the citizens, in spite of his intentions.)

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