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So, shortly after watching "Pacific Rim", I had these crossover ideas occur to me. They started with the below contrasting summaries. I was able to write the first idea easily, but the second got stuck. Then, inspiration struck tonight, and here's the set.

I’m sorry.

I forgive you.

The familiar exchange whispered across the Drift, no less heartfelt despite the many times it had been uttered. Or the many times it would be uttered. Because beneath the regrets, apologies and flickering memory, a single, shining emotion resonated.

Brother/Little Brother, I love you.

To feel that, to know that his little brother didn’t hate him made any minor discomfort Edward Elric felt, wired into the cockpit of his jaeger, immaterial. Here, in more ways than one, he was whole.

“Serpent’s Cross, neural handshake successful. You are go for launch.”

Ed grinned. “Let’s go, Al.”


They were not Drift compatible. All the tests said so.

They were brothers, but opposites. Fiercely so.

But, it didn’t matter. Couldn’t matter. All that mattered was that a jaeger that could channel the blue flames might make the difference between survival and extinction.

So, against all regulations, they were allowed to try.

And, in the tangle of twisting, merged memories that was the Drift, understanding finally dawned. They were brothers and opposites. Fiercely so.

But, they were united in purpose just as fiercely. And, that was all they needed.

“Blue Exorcist, neural handshake successful. You are go for launch.”
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