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Just a random "Ao no/Blue Exorcist" drabble I've been poking at ever since seeing a certain moment animated in the Kyoto Saga. So, this references the Kyoto/Impure King Arc, but is set post-Illuminati Arc.


Shima entered the cram school classroom on a mission. There. There was his target.

“Oi!” He planted himself in front of an already dozing Okumura. “Now that you know I’m a spy doesn’t that get me to the top of your cool list?” he demanded.

Okumura blinked up at him. Then, he cocked his head. “Mmm, I guess spies are pretty cool,” he said.

Shima nodded eagerly.

“But, you made everyone worry, and we still can’t trust you, so...” Okumura shrugged. “It evens out so you’re in the same spot.”

What?” Shima wilted. Then, rallied. “Am I at least higher than the cat?

“No way. Kuro’s ten times cooler than you.”

As Shima stumbled across the room to collapse into his seat, he heard Koneko whisper something to Bon.

“Don’t try to understand,” Bon said. “Just know that he deserves it.”

“Pathetic,” Kamiki sniffed.

So cruel. Everyone was so cruel.

Date: 2017-03-10 01:08 am (UTC)
jordannamorgan: Edward Elric, "Fullmetal Alchemist". (FMA Military)
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*snarfs* I see a Shima ficlet finally came about! I have to agree with Rin: Shima is definitely not cooler than the cat. ;D

Also, I have to ask now. Is "Oi" an expression the characters use a lot in the manga? I assume the anime dub renders it as something like "Hey", because to me it's totally unfamiliar. Always throws me a bit for some reason when I see it, actually... but maybe that's just because it reminds me of the Newsboys back in the day. ;D

BTW, I'm seeing a missing period at the end of the third paragraph.

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