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And, another [community profile] fandom_stocking entry, this one for [personal profile] evil_little_dog. It doesn't quite fit into the dragon!Royverse, but it's definitely inspired by my musings on how to fit Winry and her profession into that world.


The best automail smiths, it was said, had dragon blood. And, aware that there was ample proof of that old wisdom in the dragon-fed forges of Rush Valley, Winry Rockbell didn’t argue with it. She just added her own addendum.

The best automail smiths had dragon blood or they were a Rockbell.

Her grandmother was one of the best, after all. And, Winry meant to follow in her footsteps.

It wasn’t easy. Long, hot hours in the forge hammering glowing steel into the form desired. Even longer hours layering in the delicate weave of spells that would animate it to replace flesh and bone. And, for the purely human, magic didn’t flow easily.

No matter. Winry fed every trickle into her work as it came.

This much to insure a successful grafting. That to provide locomotion. And, for Ed, at least a dozen spells of durability and protection.

And, if her muscles ached and her inner reserves ran dry by the end of each job, it was still worth every drop of sweat and magic to see her patients as whole as she could make them.

Because whatever innate power Winry Rockbell lacked, she more than made up in willpower.
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